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Cardinal Systems provides mapping software solutions for the handling of digital spatial data and is the developer and provider of the Vr Mapping software suite. Mapping today requires professionals to deliver vector, image, digital terrain modeling (DTM) and lidar data. Vr Mapping addresses many of the requirements encountered in handling the collection, editing and processing of this data.

Vr Mapping is flexible. Its capabilities range from traditional photogrammetry to lidargrammetry and from vector collection on top of lidar point clouds to close range applications used by NASA.

Cardinal’s flagship product, VrOne, is a powerful vector/raster collection and editing system, with DTM, image, batch processing and translation abilities. Cardinal also offers VrTwo, a powerful softcopy stereo system that runs with the VrOne package. Features include full, real-time, interactive collection, editing and display of vector/raster data backed by over 190 mapping commands. All products enjoy the familiar Vr feel and require little training once familiar with VrOne.

With the introduction of VrLiDAR as the newest member of its Vr Mapping software suite, Cardinal Systems demonstrates a natural and pragmatic integration of point data into the mapping system. VrLiDAR features four environments in which to work with lidar data. One of the environments is 3D ViewPoint that offers stereo 3D vector collection from point clouds in real-time using user definable eye-point stereo without the use of imagery. Also supported is the extraction of vector data from image based stereo with lidar and lidargrammetry.

Cardinal’s mission is to continue its development of affordable software products that are simple to use while focusing on key technologies and features that help to streamline mapping production workflow. This is enhanced by a commitment to customer service from our team of skilled specialists dedicated to providing quality and timely responses to support requests.

Based in our training facility and corporate office in Flagler Beach, Florida, Cardinal continues to produce a suite of programs that blend with each other and perform the functions needed by the geospatial profession.

Cardinal Systems, LLC
701 N Oceanshore Boulevard
Flagler Beach, FL 32136

386-439-0259 fax

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