Letters to the Editor

Not Just Paper

I enjoyed the recent article titled “High School Experience” but have to point out a significant error because I feel it casts the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department and specifically our geospatial efforts in a negative light. 

The article gives a decent history of Silver Falls State Park but states that, “[Since the 1930s and 1940s] only paper maps showing various aspects of the park have existed, and they were not to scale.” This is not true.

Most if not all the mapping of the park was indeed done to scale on paper, CAD, and more recently GIS. Over the past decade mapping of all our parks has been done completely electronically using robotic total stations, GNSS, orthophotography, and lidar, with most of our equipment actually acquired from Pacific Survey Supply.

In a park as large and with as long a history as Silver Falls it’s difficult to be sure we have mapped everything. However, we do indeed have digital data, and lots of it was acquired by geospatial and surveying professionals using cutting-edge tools. We look forward to future collaborations with the students of Sprague High School.

Brady Callahan, MS, GISP
GIS Program Leader
Oregon Parks & Recreation Department

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