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Leading the Way in High-speed, High-volume Image Production

Celebrating 30 years of innovation, PCI Geomatics is a leader in geoimaging software products and solutions. The company has been at the leading edge of the geo-image processing software industry, developing specialized algorithms and streamlined production workflows to turn raw imagery into useful information.

PCI recently began looking into high-speed computing and developing automated and modular image-processing solutions that would push beyond the accepted boundaries of speed and performance. In 2010, the company’s GeoImaging Accelerator (GXL) Aerial was developed in partnership with Vexcel Imaging to complement Vexcel’s UltraMap workflows for UltraCam aerial cameras. PCI has recently updated the GXL to include support for many of the most popular aerial formats flying today.

“The demand for high-quality, up-to-date imagery is driving huge growth in the aerial photography market,” said David Piekny, product manager with PCI Geomatics. “Adding support for multiple sensors in the GXL allows even more organizations access to this cost-effective way to produce high-quality output as quickly as possible.”

To play a significant role in the emerging high-speed computing industry as it relates to imagery, PCI has invested heavily in developing technology that is innovative, nimble, portable, scalable, automated, and most of all optimized for high-speed performance. At the core of the GXL are proprietary algorithms that leverage multi-threaded processing and GPU-based acceleration to produce flawlessly color-balanced ortho-mosaics in record time.

GXL-Aerial technology provides aerial customers around the world with the following benefits.

  • Revenue generation: The GXL is a scalable solution that allows processing of terabytes of imagery per day in a highly automated and efficient manner. Process thousands of images per day quickly and accurately.
  • Reduced expenses: Customers save money through the deployment of an integrated, off-the-shelf solution that works directly with multiple outputs.
  • Streamlined operations:  GXL uses an intuitive interface, efficient job management, and simple licensing.
  • Future-proofed investments: GXL provides an extensible solution whereby users can easily add capability and capacity based on specific customer requirements.

Call or visit PCI’s website today to find out more about GXL-Aerial and to consult processing metrics generated in the PCI Benchmarking Centre.
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