Corporate Profile

Aero-Graphics provides comprehensive geospatial mapping services to clients across the United States. We were the first company in the Intermountain West to implement a fully digital mapping environment, and we have enhanced this capability through the acquisition of a large format digital camera and a state-of-the-art lidar sensor. In addition, we have created a solution that allows us to mount a lidar sensor, medium format vertical camera, and an oblique video/still camera on a helicopter platform for low altitude, high point density project requirements. As an industry leader, Aero-Graphics specializes in high-quality digital mapping delivered on schedule at competitive prices. We continue to strive to remain at the forefront of mapping technology, and thus provide clients with the best possible results.

Aero-Graphics owns and operates a full-time aerial acquisition service with multiple aircraft, allowing for complete control of its flight schedule. With two professional land surveyors and five certified photogrammetrists on staff, we ensure the highest quality mapping standards are adhered to. The latest lidar processing and softcopy systems are utilized to produce digital topographic mapping, bare-earth and custom-classified point data sets, and orthorectified imagery for clients in government, civil engineering, mining, and utility sectors. At Aero-Graphics, we don’t just get the job done – we get it done right, on schedule, and on budget – the first time, every time.
40 West Oakland Avenue
Salt Lake City, UT 84115
801-487-3313 fax

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