Aerial Data Service, Inc.

Corporate Profile

Aerial Data Service, Inc. is the largest full service photogrammetric firm in the state of Oklahoma. With our offices in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Austin, Texas, ADS provides aerial photography and photogrammetric mapping services to hundreds of engineering firms and governmental agencies across the country. 

Established in 1964, ADS became incorporated in 1973 and a 100-percent woman-owned firm in 1984. ADS currently employs a staff of 29, including three American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Certified Photogrammetrists, two Geographic Information Systems Professionals (GISP), one Registered Land Surveyor, and one ATP Rated Professional Pilot, who together comprise over 100 years of cumulative experience.

ADS provides mobile LiDAR scanning and ground based laser scanning for 3-D modeling and as-built mapping. The laser system virtually covers the subject area with laser pulses, producing a point cloud of data. Our Lynx Mobile Mapper survey system collects engineering/survey grade LiDAR data over large areas at highway speeds and with accuracy that exceeds airborne technologies.

Using some of the most sophisticated technology and exceptional aerial imagery, we can provide digital 3D mapping services to be used alone or with GIS modeling software.  See the world the way it truly is, with unmatched clarity and accuracy. Call or visit at our website
Aerial Data Service, Inc.
8301 E. 51st Street, Ste. 100
Tulsa, OK 74145-9046
918-622-4119 fax 

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