Letters to the Editor

Expand Education Requirements

Professional Surveyor Magazine:
Much like guest editorialist Jim Gillis, NSLS, CLS, RPLS, I too began a career in land surveying with a vernier transit and steel tape. And over the years I have been witness to the often-acrimonious argument over educational requirements for land surveying licensure.

To be sure, the subject brings out the “independence gene” so dominant in our colleagues. In my opinion, Mr. Gillis shows us a path that can lead to a successful solution. It finds a middle ground without compromising integrity, it has a proven track record, and it is doable in every state. We do not have to recut the line of sight. Mr. Gillis has set up on the high ground, and the view from there is clear.
George L. Miller, LS
Waterport, New York
Jim Gillis,
You have expressed the opinion and concerns of many of the dedicated, educated and experienced surveyors in New York. There is NO way any individual can learn in the back room or in the field what it takes to practice any profession without a proper education. No way. I know it, you know it and God knows it ...

We need more of what you have to say. Say it to the New York state education department. Say it to the New York state board of land surveyors and engineers. Say it to the title industry. Say it loudly.

We are a dying breed. With tears in my eyes and a heavy heart I had to push my son (a practicing land surveyor who .... has an accredited degree in surveying) onto greener pastures.
Thank you for your editorial and your efforts,

Paul Ruzenski, LS
Huntington, New York

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