Letters to the Editor

Real-world Reporting

A sincere hello, and thank you to all of you at Professional Surveyor. Thank you for my subscription to your magazine. I read my copy end-to-end every month and enjoy it a lot. Dr. Bloch’s problems and Dave Lindell’s sample exam exercises are my favorites, and I hope you’ll continue to include them in PS for many years to come.

I am a retired surveyor/engineer who now does survey education and exam-prep course tutoring, and your publication makes for ideal “real-world” reporting and commentary on the profession.

Both my grandfather and one of my uncles were land surveyors, so it’s hard not to like PS, and, given the likes of those who have gone before us, be proud of what being an RLS is all about. Keep my issues coming every month, please, and keep up the good work, people. We appreciate you and all you do.

Joseph V. Marsh
Ararat, NC

Intersect for Education

Just wanted to commend you for an excellent Intersect piece in the November issue of Professional Surveyor. I have been thinking a great deal about that same topic for the last several months and even pondered writing something to that effect. However, you and Coleen Johnson covered it very well!

I do wonder if the discussion should include, at some point, taking that shared “genome” of GIS and surveying and applying that to the education process. I believe both professions would benefit if their educational paths were merged in the beginning and then diverged as they focused on their ultimate career path. I’m not aware of any school that has approached it from that angle.

Kim McDonough, GISP
(via LinkedIn)

The Learned Profession

Good afternoon,
[This is an] on-the-money article, “Land Surveying: The Lost Profession.” The land surveyor’s work should not be allowed to be trivialized. Well done.

Robert  Prikulis  B.Surv. UNSW
Coorabell,  NSW,  Australia


Ray Carnes’ January column Harnessing GIS is about the mobile device app, Find-A-Control.   It’s available for the Android but, at the time of printing, is not yet available for the iPhone. Critigen’s website will post a link to the iPhone version when it’s ready: www.critigen.com/mobile/findacontrol/.

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