Letters to the Editor

Speaking Up about LightSquared


The reason we have no influence is because we don’t take the time to contact our congressmen or senators.  If they never hear from you they can’t advocate for you. 

I contacted Iowa First District Congressman Bruce Braley about the impact this will have on me personally, and he got two of his staff involved to obtain particulars.  [They sent a] letter to the FCC.  I later forwarded the link to the GPSWORLD article on information that was being hidden from the FCC to his staff member, who passed it along to the congressman.

If you do nothing, don’t complain about the result!

Craig Johnstone



Craig’s letter is a response to a forum item in our Field Notes enewsletter.  In a follow-up exchange with Craig, he raised a good point, saying, “we have more allies in this than we think.”  Craig cites the precision ag folks as a large and growing segment of precision GPS users who are in the same boat as us.  The Coalition to Save Our GPS website reveals a variety of members, with several from the ag market.  There is strength in numbers, certainly, but we need to make sure more than just the Coalition knows we’re here.

~ TJ


Retirement Plans


I recently read where there are 60,000 licensed surveyors in the USA, with the average age of 58.  What happens to the firms of the retiring surveyors? I will have this before me in a couple of years, and I am challenged as to come up with the best plan for me.

Obviously this will be occurring frequently across the country in the near future, and with the cost of advice by a tax lawyer and accountant I can foresee some retiring surveyors not really having a grip on the best plan for them in passing along their business. The ideal purchaser probably cannot afford a direct buy out.

Might be a good project for PSM to assign to a professional who fully understands the surveying business and to come up with some standard business options for us. I have thought about a lease purchase agreement but I am not sure how that would be structured. Ideally, I would hope to tie the lease to a percent of the gross.  Lots to be concerned about. Liability, paper and computer files, foreclosure, office rent, life insurance, etc.

Hopefully you will take the charge and help us with our future. Thanks.

J. Michael Cassady, PLS

Gulfport, Mississippi


Thanks for your suggestions, Michael.  Soon we will be publishing several Business Angle columns focusing on selling your business or transitioning it to another owner. 

—Shelly Cox

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