Letters to the Editor

In last month’s Surveying USA article, I recounted the activities of a group of surveyors in Washington, D.C. whom I joined for the day.  I was unaware that another surveyor, Marian Kopecky, was observing yet another point in the District.  Mr. Kopecky has since brought this to my attention and submitted the following overview of his activities from the day.  My apologies for the omission.


I am a member of DCALS and obtained my surveying and cartographic education in the Czech Republic.  I have worked for AMT, LLC since 2006.  I was delighted to participate in Surveying USA.

In Washington D.C.’s major urban park, Rock Creek Park, I occupied NGS monument Ostenso.  Ostenso is dedicated to former National Ocean Service senior scientist Ned Ostenso. 

The static session used a tripod-mounted Topcon GPS receiver, secured with sand bags because of a steady wind blowing that day.  The four-hour long observation roused significant public interest among the regular park visitors.

—Marian Kopecky

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