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Construction Layout Software
Nikon has released StakeIt, their new construction layout software. This new software eliminates hours of calculations and minimizes errors caused by misinterpretation of plans. StakeIt allows users to import digital design drawings from the most popular design packages. Then they can identify and create points for staking, labeling them as needed. Users can draw lines, arcs, and points for buildings, pads, property lines, and roads using plan dimensions and building templates. Building and site grids can be defined, with all the points for staking being automatically created. Users have many options for managing data. They can create and manage point lists, transfer data to and from instruments and data collectors, edit and process raw data to calculate coordinates, generate stake-out reports for quality assurance and cut sheets, and more.
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Protective Pro Filing System
Foster Manufacturing Co.
has introduced the new Pro Filing System in both transparent and black polypropylene plastic. Transparent Pro Files allow users to view the contents stored in file without having to remove them. Outer protective flap has two Velcro seals that keep contents dust-free. Black polypropylene Pro Files are completely light tight, ideal for storing UV sensitive materials such as flexographic and offset plates, and photo tooling film. These durable yet lightweight files have the original Railex hook-on hook-off ergonomic design that permits the user to safely carry entire file with job contents to any destination. Each file includes a front-facing label holder and index tab for quick identification of contents. Pro Files fit all styles of Foster Railex Cabinets, Rollafiles, and Wall Mounts.
Circle Number 120

New Feature Added to Survey Pro
Tripod Data Systems (TDS)
has announced its release of Survey Pro for Windows CE version 1.1. This version offers a new feature called real time auto linework. Also offered are functions from the DOS version of Survey Pro such as alignment editor, offset stake to alignment and DTM stakeout, and numerous instrument interface enhancements. The new feature, real time auto linework, uses a simple set of rules to automatically draw lines and curves on the Survey Pro map. The lines are saved as polylines in the TDS .job file and can be edited in the field using the polyline editor. The lines can be viewed at any time using the map view function in Survey Pro.
Circle Number 121

Geospatial Product Line Expanded
LizardTech, Inc., recently released MrSID Geospatial Edition 1.4. This latest offering in LizardTech's geospatial product line allows GIS professionals to encode and mosaic imagery into the industry-standard MrSID format. Major enhancements in the MrSID Geospatial Edition 1.4 include expanded file support for the ERDAS IMAGINE (.img) file format, Space Imaging's IKONOS, 16-bit GeoTIFF file format and 11-bit, high-resolution satellite data. New features also include datum-specific cropping of USGS Digital Ortho Quadrangle (DOQ) images, password protection for MrSID images and many easy-to-use additions to the user interface. MrSID is a wavelet-based imaging technology that allows up to a 95 percent file size reduction while maintaining geometric accuracy and providing for real-time viewing, panning, and printing of massive-sized imagery, including files larger than a gigabyte.
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New Distance Meter Featured
Spectra Precision Surveying introduces Direct Reflex Geodimeter System 600S DR 200+ for reflectorless measurements with a range of more than 200 meters. Geodimeter System 600S DR200+ has a new distance meter based on a new patented technology. The measurement technique used is based on the pulse measurement principle, i.e. the measurement of time taken for a very short light pulse to travel to the target and back. The difference from earlier distance meters using this principle is a unique method of averaging many pulses and determining the shape of the pulse before the transit time is calculated. In this way the influence of noise can be reduced to a large extent, and both the range and the accuracy can be increased considerably.
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Full Line of Measuring Wheels
A complete line of professional measuring wheels is now offered by the C.H. Hanson Co. The wheels are designed for precise measuring accuracy in either feet, feet and ches, or meters.product feaures include an 85-durometer vinyl tread on the wheel, and a rigid telescoping handle. hanson offers a range of sizes and styles to choose from. Measuring lengths are 1,000 feet,,00 feet/inches,1,000 meters, or 10,000 feet/inches.Wheel diameters range from 4" to 25". Most models have four counter digits, with five digits on the two largest sizes.
Circle Number 124

New Software Increases Productivity
GeodatWin Software Version 1.4 from Spectra Precision offers two new optional software packages called ReflineWin and CTS Logger, together with a host of enhancements. GeodatWin can be used with the Autolock or Robotic Geodimeter Total Stations and with the SP Geotracer GPS systems. ReflineWin is designed to make surveying, with respect to a line, much more productive. It offers options in regard to defining a line including: the use of existing points, one point plus a bearing, newly measured points, or an existing CAD line feature. The line can be a 2D or 3D feature. Once the line is defined, a wide choice of manual and automatic modes for measurement and setting out activities is available. The Continuous Logger (CTS Logger) software application allows raw and 3D coordinate data to be logged automatically, rapidly and continuously.
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Spectra Improves Constructor 100
Spectra Precision, Sweden, has introduced an improved version of their Constructor 100 Electronic Total Station. Although the new Constructor 100 is a mechanical total station, it has many time saving features to assist the stake out process. It is designed to be used by contractors who are looking for a robust total station for everyday use, but who also appreciate its enhanced capabilities. The Constructor 100 now features a TrackLight and Battery side cover. The user can also choose between a optical plummet or a Laser plummet Tribrach. Other improved specifications are: distance accuracy, range to 1 prism, and internal memory. Software included: Edit, SetOut, DistOb, IZ/Z, RefLine, and Fixed UDS.
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Subsurface Magnetic Locators
Subsurface Instruments, Inc. of Purcelville, Virginia celebrated the completion of their second year of business on April 1, 2000. The ML-1 and ML-1M Magnetic Locators introduced in February of last year were designed with the surveyor in mind and feature easy, one hand operation, keypad switches, no knobs and weighs only two pounds. The ML-1M magnetic Locator is a digital metered version that adds features and value without complexity. Both units ship in a softpack carrying case.
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Solus Pro 2.0 Released
DeLorme has launched a new version of its Solus Pro software for Palm handhelds. Solus Pro 2.0 is a new offering for Palm handhelds and features the availability of vector-based maps, which enables users to search for place names, roads, cities or points of interest. Users can also tap the stylus on a road or point of interest to display area information and select from multiple zoom levels to get just the right map, import addresses from a personal address book for display on the map, add marks to record personal points of interest, which become part of the searchable map database, use a convenient short-cuts option to reset the Palm handheld's function buttons to perform custom mapping and GPS tasks with the Solus Pro software, and see maps in color when using the Palm* IIIc handheld. Tracking with the DeLorme Earthmate GPS receiver includes easy-to-read turn arrows shown on the screen.
Circle Number 128

DeLorme Enhances 3-D TopoQuads
With the introduction of 3-D TopoQuads in 1999, DeLorme provided professionals with a tool for accessing digital USGS 7.5-minute quadrangle maps. DeLorme now introduces a new set of map tools designed to enhance professional activities, including geographic presentations, site assessments and analysis, 3D perspectives and field data logging and tracking. TopoTools Advanced Print Kit provides 3D TopoQuads users with the tools they need to improve productivity: enhanced printing capabilities, enabling large format, 11" x 17" and mural printing, field data logging and tracking, UTM coordinates, and advanced mapping features, including a built-in file management system. The enhanced printing features offer professionals several new ways to print their site information.
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Autodesk Launches MapGuide
Autodesk, Inc., has announced the availability of Autodesk MapGuide Release 5, a solution for developing Web-based CAD and GIS applications. MapGuide delivers interactive designs, maps, and related data to a company's intranet or the Internet, allowing anyone, anywhere with a Web browser to access and interact with real-time, dynamic information. By extending design, mapping, and location-based information to users across the enterprise and into the field, MapGuide software helps organizations compete through more informed decision making, reduced operational expenses, and improved customer service. New features improve support for public Internet sites that want to serve maps without requiring a plug-in viewer and extend the software's access to data stored in central enterprise databases. Additional benefits include streamlined data maintenance; users can now quickly incorporate data edits and redline markups with the central database.
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Addition to Maptech Website
The Maptech MapServer is a large on-line mapping resource for topographic maps and charts for land, marine, and air. The user can imply enter a place name, select the state and click "Go." Online images can be viewed, printed, and e-mailed for free. Mapserver offers many features for travelers along the U.S. coast. A view of the terrain can be viewed by a click of the "Topo Maps" button. "Nautical Charts" provides the user with a view of the official chart which can assist in planning a hiking or kayaking trip. By clicking "Navphoto" the user can see aerial shots along the coastline for the same area. Local airports can be located by clicking "Aero Charts." The major difference between Maptech's CD-ROM products that are "for sale"and the "free"MapServer is this: the actual CD products come with navigation software that includes GPS interface, elevation profiling, line of sight tools and more.
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Field Solution for ESRI Customers
ESRI and Tadpole-Cartesia, the field mapping systems business unit of mobile computing specialist Tadpole Technology plc, have announced a strategic agreement aimed at combining the companies' respective technologies to deliver a GIS/mobile computing solution. The solution, which is scheduled for completion by the fourth quarter of 2000, will benefit users in electric, gas, telecommunications, and water utility markets. Integration will take place with ESRI's ArcInfo 8 professional GIS software and Tadpole's Conic mobile GIS software. The ArcInfo 8 system sets the new standard for applying geographic knowledge and supporting spatial decision making. From departmental GIS to large spatial enterprises, ArcInfo 8 is a scalable solution that provides an integrated platform for creating, managing, and disseminating geographic information. Field inventory, field design, and data capture are key applications for the new solution.

Kodak Forms New Business Centers
Kodak's Commercial & Government Systems (C&GS) division announced the formation of Kodak Optical Products, a new strategic planning unit to serve the growing worldwide optics and photonic marketplace. This unit will allow the company to consolidate, leverage and build on its extensive knowledge and capability in optics design and manufacturing. This announcement also heralds the formation of a worldwide optics center, headquartered in Rochester, that is able to draw on Kodak's extensive manufacturing resources in Europe, China and Taiwan. Product and service offerings include the design and engineering of precision optics, molded plastic and molded glass optics, grinding and polishing of large optics (plano, off axis aspheres, axis symmetric), as well as traditional grinding and polishing of smaller optics. To head this new center, Edward White has been appointed general manager of Kodak Optical Products and vice president of C&GS.

USA Selected as ISPRS Host
The Imaging and Geospatial Information Society is pleased to announce that the USA was selected to host Commission I (Platforms, Sensors and Imagery) for the period 2000-2004 with Dr. Stanley A. Morain as president and Amelia Budge as executive secretary. The USA was up against Germany in the voting that took place during a General Assembly of the XIXth Congress of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) in Amsterdam, July 17-23. As the recognized leader in launching the first civilian satellites and the first commercial, high-resolution satellite for Earth observations, the USA is in a very strong position to continue the work of Commission I. Since his election, Morain has begun working with interested delegates and other international leaders to organize Working Groups to advance the resolutions approved at the ISPRS Congress.

eCommerce Center Bolstered recently announced the addition of Carlson Software, tools that help land surveyors maximize productivity. Carlson Software is a software developer of civil engineering, surveying, mining, GIS, and GPS applications, based in Maysville, Kentucky. Staffed by a team of engineers, land surveyors, programmers and support technicians, Carlson has been producing software since 1983. plans to introduce products and services spanning a wide range of subjects from on-line business insurance, legal seminars and general business management tools to GPS, GIS, aerial photography, mapping, and construction applications.

Trimble Provides Mapping Systems
Trimble recently announced that the company has supplied GPS mapping systems to Ordnance Survey, Britain's National Mapping Agency. Trimble's GPS Pathfinder Pro XRS systems are being used for Ordnance's Survey's Digital Map Revision Project. Trimble secured the contract after rigorous field trials, including a 12-hour accuracy test comparing systems from several manufacturers. A compelling consideration for Ordnance Survey selection was Trimble's unique "choice technology," utilized in the GPS Pathfinder Pro XRS system. This technology offers Ordnance Survey the freedom to select between a range of Differential GPS (DGPS) services for optimal performance. The 10 mapping systems supplied by Trimble are already being used for ongoing map revision work and in-field digital updating of 1:2500 and 1:10,000 scale maps throughout Great Britain.

MTS Now a Leica Dealer
Maine Technical Source recently announced an agreement with Leica Geosystems of Heerbrugg, Switzerland to sell and service its product line of total stations, accessories, levels and Disto products throughout New England.

Aerial Content Providers Sought
Kodak Earth Imaging Products, a business segment within Kodak's Commercial & Government Systems division, is actively seeking aerial flyers and other image content providers to enhance the company's growing Web-based library of high resolution aerial images. Kodak's aggressive growth strategy has already resulted in 100,000 aerial color frames of 6-inch resolution precision imagery in support of major North American cities. By early next year, the expectation is that this Kodak e-commerce initiative will have color Earth images available from more than 2000 cities and towns in the U.S. and a number of international countries. As market demand for high-resolution imagery continues to grow, Kodak foresees significant business opportunities for image content providers.

ISO 9001 Certification
Laser Technology, Inc., has received final ISO 9001 certification for its manufacturing and operating facilities. ISO certification reflects a company's compliance with standards recognized by the Geneva-based International Organization for Standardization, a worldwide federation of approximately 130 countries. The ISO 9000 certification series provides a framework for quality management and quality assurance that is recognized by most developed countries in the world. ISO 9001 certification recognizes that a company's operating facilities and manufacturing procedures provide an optimal environment for the design, manufacture, and service of quality products.

Autodesk and Kanotech Partnership
Autodesk , Inc. and Kanotech Information Systems Ltd. revealed that Kanotech is the first company to enter the Strategic Partner Program serving the local government industry. Through the strategic relationship, Kanotech's CivicCenter suite can begin to integrate with Autodesk Municipal Solutions to deliver complete solutions for local governments. Kanotech's CivicCenter solutions combine the power of AutoCAD Map for map creation and maintenance, and Autodesk MapGuide for publishing the information to nontechnical users and the public.CivicCenter is a cost-efficient, user-friendly solution that offers similar functionality to a town of 10,000 people or a city of 150,000. It provides an achievable and affordable GIS solution for communities that cannot afford their own GIS specialists, and it better uses the time of GIS specialists in communities that can afford them.

Spectra Helps Students
Spectra Precision Software Inc. recently announced that they have donated $50,000 worth of Terramodel software and technical support services to Northern Arizona University. Terramodel is a stand-alone, 3D land modeling and design solution used by surveyors, civil engineers, and contractors. The donation will benefit hundreds of NAU students in the colleges of Ecosystem Science and Management and Engineering and Technology by allowing them to experience hands-on training with the latest technologies in their field and become more prepared for post graduation. This donation is just one of the many contributions that Spectra Precision Software has made to colleges and universities nationwide. More than a dozen institutions have received academic programs for Terramodel and Paydirt, an earthwork quantity takeoff solution. Academic programs from Spectra Precision software include software, technical phone support, product upgrades, and special training services.

Website Increases Customer Base recently announced that its membership has increased to more than 6,000 in just two months of operation. Averaging more than 1 million hits per month, the site has already welcomed 20,000 new visitors who spent an average of more than 30 minutes purchasing products, researching state licensing requirements and networking with others in their profession. This rapid growth comes with the successful launch of's integrated marketing and branding campaign. The print campaign, featuring the tagline, "Introducing the latest in surveying technology," is running in top industry publications across the country. Part of this campaign is targeting the professional land surveyor with the formation of an online professional directory; members of this directory will receive a free stake bag for their participation. Direct mail, coupons, online promotions, and other viral marketing tactics have complemented the advertising campaign.

System 500 Supports Mobile Phones
Leica Geosystems Inc. is pleased to announce that System 500 can utilize cellular-phone technology as an alternative data link for Real Time Kinematic (RTK) surveys in North America. This breakthrough in the application of cellular phone technology to GPS surveying in North America offers the end user many key advantages such as no licensing, unlimited range, uninterrupted communication link, increased production and additional choice in data communications systems. While new to North America, Europe has been taking advantage of mobile phone technology as a communication link with Leica's GPS System 500 since the system's introduction in January 1999. Based on this experience, Leica developed the technology to enable its GPS System 500 to work seamlessly with key cellular phone networks in North America.


Nikon's Latest Promotion
Nikon Inc. has recently promoted Lee C. Shuett to the position of Vice-President, Science and Technologies Group. In the newly created position, Shuett will participate in the management of the activities of the company's Science and Technologies Group, which markets Nikon optical instruments for bioscience, industrial applications, microelectronics, eye care, construction and surveying throughout the U.S. and Latin America. Shuett's new role involves overseeing sales, product management, customer service, marketing, promotion and other functions. Shuett came to Nikon in 1973 as a technical representative, after working for a Nikon instrument dealer in Chicago, Illinois. He became mid-Atlantic regional manager for Nikon biomedical and industrial instruments in 1974, and later came to Nikon's Melville, New York headquarters as the Biomedical Department Manager. He was promoted to Division Manager of the BioScience and Industrial Division in 1994.

New Members Named to Board of Directors
Autodesk has announced that Larry Wangberg chairman and CEO of ZDTV, and Dr. Per-Kristian Halvorsen, director of the Solutions and Services Technology Center at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, have joined its Board of Directors. Larry Wangberg brings more than 20 years of experience in the cable TV industry to Autodesk. Wangberg previously served as chairman and CEO of Times Mirror Cable Television. Dr. Per-Kristian (Kris) Halvorsen brings to the board of Autodesk, 20 years of experience in the management of innovation. Halvorsen recently joined Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) as director of the Solutions and Services Technology Center in HP Labs. The center, which has laboratories in the United States, United Kingdom, and Japan, is focused on the "second chapter of Internet computing" and is developing the technologies and end-to-end solutions customers need to build, deploy and manage e-services. Before joining HP, Halvorsen was founding director of the Information Services Technology Lab at Xerox PARC. Halvorsen is a member of the board of directors of Symantec Corporation and a member of the advisory board for Groupfire Corporation, a recent spin-off from Xerox PARC.


Celebrate GIS Day 2000
On Wednesday, November 15, discover GIS Day 2000, a global event that celebrates GIS. GIS Day serves to make people aware of mapping technology and the important contributions it is making in the fields of science, technology, information, and the humanities. It is a day for GIS professionals to show individuals and organizations how to utilize geographic information in their own communities, businesses, and environments, and reap the amazing benefits of GIS technology. GIS Day is a grassroots event; it is a reflection of the enthusiasm and commitment of GIS users everywhere. Based on the outpouring of interest and support from individuals, schools and universities, government agencies, as well as private and public organizations, this year's goal is to illustrate the benefits and significance of GIS technology. GIS Day events include map galleries, interactive demonstrations in local schools, company open houses, and a wide variety of interesting activities and courses.

Praise for ISPRS, Amsterdam
The XIXth Congress of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing took place from July16th–23th 2000 at the RAI Congress Centre in Amsterdam under the auspices of The Netherlands Society for Geo-informatics and Earth Observation (NSEOG) with the theme: "Geoinformation for All." Scientists, policy makers, technical experts and others in this rapidly expanding field traveled to the capital of The Netherlands to exchange ideas and study the latest techniques for observing, measuring and capturing features on the earth's surface. An estimated 3,000 people took part in the technical sessions, presentations and exhibition. From all attendees—guests, participants and exhibitors—reactions were extremely positive. Delegates and visitors from countries including Russia, China, Africa, America, Australia, and Europe came to study the latest developments. The ISPRS Daily can be downloaded from the Website:

Satellite Image of Mesa Verde
This high-resolution satellite image of a section of Mesa Verde National Park in southwestern Colorado—known for its more than 600 cliff dwellings built by the Anasazi Indians—was collected by Space Imaging's IKONOS satellite on July 31, 2000. The 4-meter resolution, true- color image shows an overview of the devastating damage to Mesa Verde's natural resources as a result of the Bricher Fire which was fully contained on July 29, 2000. The dark brown areas vividly show the more than 23,000 acres which were burned. Healthy vegetation is green. Areas of red colored ‘slurry,'dropped from aircraft during the fire to aid containment, can be seen around the perimeter of the fire. The 1-meter resolution inset box at the bottom-left corner indicates that the fire stopped where the ‘slurry' was dropped. The inset box at the top-left corner of the photo highlights the main entrance to the park. Credit:

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