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GPS-Aided Spread Spectrum Radio
Javad Positioning Systems has received radio type approval for their GPS-aided 900 MHZ spread spectrum radio from Industry Canada. Both direct and frequency hopping spread spectrum radios are optional on Legacy, Odyssey, and Regency models, and on the JPS Euro card. Tight integration of spread spectrum radio with GPS timing has resulted in a more robust synchronization and reliable communication system for use in DGPS and RTK applications. With this synchronization, the baud rate can be lowered as much as needed to increase transmission range and reliability with faster initial connection. User may select to transmit and receive through either Frequency Hopping or Direct Spread Spectrum radios depending on the environment for maximum reliability. The signal processing section of JPS spread spectrum radio transceivers is integrated in the Paradigm chip, resulting in a compact system with low power consumption and increased reliability.

"Project Maui" Showcased
Autodesk, Inc. and Oracle announced the joint development of mobile "point-of-work" solutions based on Oracle8i Lite and Autodesk MapGuide technology. Code-named Project Maui, this is the first mobile technology to deliver enterprise asset management data to field technicians and engineers via handheld devices such as those made for the Palm Computing and Windows CE platforms. By extending access to data previously confined to paper, microfilm or desktop systems this technology will help companies improve decision-making, streamline data maintenance, and reduce operational expenses. This solution allows customers to use a handheld device to send select data to the field on an as-needed basis and have that data be in-sync with a back-end, integrated database.

Advanced Classification for ER Mapper
Cluster Analyses Technologies Inc. (CAT) has incorporated the Generalized Enhanced Hoshen Koppelman (GEHK) technology into the GEHK Wizard for both ER Mapper 6.0 and 5.5. The GEHK Wizard rapidly analyzes large or small classified images and develops a database of the parameters of the connected components (CCs). Data is incorporated into user-defined graphical and statistical representations. Users can view the CCs superimposed on the image and obtain data on any specific CC. The GEHK Wizard for ER Mapper will identify and measure changes in specific classified image regions (such as vegetation coverage, cloud formation, marine habitation, land cultivation and oil spills) and monitor changes over a period of time.

Making Life Easier for T&D Workers
Laser Technology Inc. (LTI) introduced its Transmission & Distribution Professional Software Package, T&D Pro, created to collect and process critical measurements and calculations in the field for Transmission and Distribution workers. Designed to work with the LTI Impulse Laser, T&D Pro enables the operator from one location to safely and accurately shoot multiple cables during sag profile sequence; compute span, tension and sag during a sag profile; store span, tension and sag information for later use with T&D Pro's Office Suite; calculate span lengths between transmission towers; determine sag profiles and clearance of conductors; and compute tie line bi-sections for pole support. Cost for a full T&D setup including Impulse Laser, MapStar Compass Module, T&D Pro, data collector and accessories will be less than the purchase of a basic survey total station system on the market today.

Training Without Travel CDs
Spectra Precision Software, Inc., announced a new series of training CDs that will allow customers to learn basic and advanced topics at a location of their choice and at their own pace. The first three Training Without Travel CDs are designed for Terramodel software users seeking more specialized training. The first CD, Beginning Construction, requires no Terramodel experience. It illustrates the input of horizontal and vertical alignments, road section templates, the design and creation of a "borrow pit", and demonstrates earthwork calculation. Hydrology covers all aspects of hydrology analysis for drainage basins and runoff hydrographs. Sewer Design shows how to determine the drainage areas from a DTM and how to design a drainage system. Future CDs will include Advanced Construction, Drafting & Automated Sheet Assembly Production (A.S.A.P.), and Road Design.

IBM Improves GPS Systems Via SiGe
The highly-integrated GPS evaluation board is the first of its kind to feature IBM's silicon germanium (SiGe) process technology, which enables direct conversion of radio frequency (RF) signals to digital information, eliminating the need for intermediate frequency (IF) support circuitry, such as mixers, oscillators and filters. Direct RF conversion results in significant parts reduction of the component count vs. similar GPS chipsets. With its small size and enhanced functionality, this GPS evaluation board can improve the performance and proliferation of satellite navigation technology in automobile, marine and recreational applications. An On-board PowerPC embedded processor boosts overall system throughput and provides additional computing power. The evaluation board features 12 parallel processing channels which simultaneously track and process GPS signals from up to 12 satellites.

New Robotic Total Station
Topcon America introduced a fully robotic, auto-tracking GTS-800A series total station, ideal for construction, mining and landfill, and general topo work. It allows one or two person crews to stake points and collect data non-stop with a choice of radio technology or RC-1R laser-optical system. The RC-1R allows for direct collection to the MP-2500 data collector or others (FS-2, etc.). A wide elliptical beam allows for auto-tracking even while a rod person is in motion behind light brush and trees. High-performance motors will rotate at 50 degrees per second for faster target acquisition. It features an MS-DOS operating system with the ability to run TDS Survey Pro on-board. It comes with 2 Mb of program memory and 2 Mb internal data memory, and is available in two accuracies: 1" = 800A or 3" = 802A. Distance measurement: 2,000m/6,560 ft to a single prism. A PCMCIA port is standard for external memory cards. The GTS-800A features a large graphical alpha/numeric display and full numeric keyboard.

New Total Station
The new Sokkia SET500 combines the latest electronic technology and software enhancements in a rugged, lightweight design. Distance measurements through the miniaturized EDM take less than 3 seconds and can measure more than a mile to a single prism. The SET500 can also measure to reflective sheet targets when it is not convenient to use a prism. The SET500 measures angles horizontally and vertically to within 5 seconds accuracy and displays readings to the nearest 1 second. Software enhancements include functions such as job management, feature code listing, offset observation, area calculation and a bull's-eye leveling indicator. Additionally, the internal data storage of 4000 points and an option for a memory card offers the flexibility to meet the needs of any application. An enhanced 12-button keyboard is included on the SET500. Users can assign frequently used functions to the softkeys. The arrow-key rocker panel allows quick movement around the display to make selections. The SET500 includes several designated keys common functions. It is water- and dust-proof, and includes a new high-density graphic display on both sides of the instrument.

New Theodolites
new DT500 and DT500A are versatile entry-level instruments. With an IP66 water-proof rating the DT500 and DT500A operate dependably even where conventional theodolites do not, such as sudden showers, continuous drizzling rain or the high humidity and dusty conditions of underground construction sites. Vertical and horizontal angles are electronically measured and displayed on a large, easy to read, two-line LCD display. The automatic vertical circle indexing allows levels of accuracy not possible with other instruments in this price range. Additional features include: optical plummet which eliminates the need for a plumb bob; percentage of slope or vertical angle display with the touch of a button; angle readings monitored by a self-checking microprocessor and displayed in less than .5 seconds; ability to read horizontal angles clockwise or counterclockwise, then lock with the hold/release key to hold angles; and a 30X telescope with built-in reticle illumination. The DT500 features displays on both side of the instrument; the DT500A has one display. Both instruments have selectable 5 or 10 seconds readouts with 5 seconds angular accuracy.

New Total Station
Sokkia designed the SET600 with 6-second angle accuracy and included new electronics and software typically found in more expensive instruments. Maintain a fast work pace with the newest miniaturized EDM that takes initial distance measurements in 3 seconds and can shoot further than one mile. Take measurements to reflective sheet targets that can be attached to the feature or measure to a standard glass prism. The SET600 also includes dual-axis compensation to ensure consistently accurate measurements. Easily visible high-density graphic display and simple 12- button keypad. Customizable softkeys match applications, use arrow keys to quickly make selections and access the most common functions through pre-defined keys. Some of the latest software functions available on the SET600 include: job management functions; three- dimensional coordinates; bull's-eye leveling indicator; offset observation; feature code listing; setting out; angle input function; and area calculation. The SET600 is completely water- and dust-proof, and contains a 2000 point internal memory.

New Theodolite
Sokkia's new DT600 Electronic Digital Theodolite offers fast accurate angle readings, automatic indexing and a variety of software features. The new IP66 waterproof rating allows users to work even in adverse conditions dependably and accurately. The DT600 features a large LCD display on one side with readings accurate to 7 seconds. The DT600 also offers: an LCD display that eliminates hard to read verniers; readings displayed within 5 or 10 seconds selectably; percentages of slope or vertical angles and horizontal angles simultaneously displayed; the choice of reading angles to the right or left; automatic indexing which quickly and accurately positions a vertical circle for measuring; vertical angles and using the telescope as a level; and a 26X telescope with built-in reticle illumination. The DT600 is fast, accurate and easy to use.

CAiCE Software Unveils Visual 2000
CAiCE Software Corporation has introduced Visual 2000, a state-of-the-art customization tool, offers complete Visual Basic for Applications 6.0 integration. It applies the full power of Visual Basic to the civil engineering industry, enabling users to create customized, integrated solutions that meet specific business needs. Visual 2000 incorporates Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) as its macro development language, and uses the complete Microsoft VBA development environment, including Visual Basic Library, source code debugger, object browser, on-line help, and a CAiCE object library which provides complete read and write access to the database and graphics system. Roadway design software, which draws and generates roadway cross-sections, involves the generation of cross-sectional profiles based on existing terrain. Visual 2000 uses fragments—VBA-generated programs—to create these profiles, allowing the profiles the intelligence to adjust according to the terrain. It also allows engineers to develop macros that perform design tasks and write VBA programs that communicate with Microsoft Office.

Autodesk, Inc. Plotter Update
Autodesk, Inc., released plotter drivers update for AutoCAD 2000, AutoCAD Mechanical 2000, Mechanical Desktop 4, AutoCAD Architectural Desktop 2, AutoCAD Map 2000 and AutoCAD LT 2000. These updates address several customer- reported issues and includes two new HDI plot drivers. These new HDI drivers add support for more than 30 different CalComp plotter models and the AutoCAD DXB file format. In a continuing effort to support Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Autodesk has addressed the problems that disable AutoCAD 2000 plotting on release candidate 2. Some of the issues that the Plotter Driver Update addresses include: support for CalComp plotters; support for AutoCAD DXB file format; raster and merge lines support for the HDI Hewlett Packard LaserJet printer driver; for all HDI HP-GL/2 HDI drivers, support for A3, B4, and B5 paper (including supported Hewlett-Packard LaserJet models); plotting from Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional (RC2); significantly improved performance of the Hewlett-Packard DesignJet; Windows system printer driver under Windows 95/98; for all drivers, improved quality for vector and OLE plotting; resolution of several issues with Hewlett-Packard pen plotters; resolution of crashes caused by certain Windows system printer drivers; ability to use TXTQUALITY to control TrueType text quality; improved support for Hewlett-Packard 7600 plot devices; and the ability to update HDI plotter drivers directly from the manufacturer.

Mini Prism Pole System
SECO introduced a European-style mini prism pole system. The system includes a sectional pole that can be assembled in various configurations. It is lightweight (1.18 lbs; .53 kg) and very portable. Prisms can be mounted on the top, bottom, or in between sections. All lengths of the components are known so that prism height can easily be calculated. The powder-coated orange-and-white pole system comes with one 25mm Tilting Prism and Holder, 0 and -30mm offset, with built-in adjustable 30-minute circular vial (Height: 10cm to tilting axis); one 5cm Height Point with replaceable hardened plumb bob tip; four 30cm sections,1/2" (13mm) diameter, 1/4-20 threads; and a Cordura carrying case.

New Internet-aware ArcView Plug-in
Earth Resource Mapping recently announced the release of revolutionary new imaging technology for ArcView users, enabling them for the first time to directly incorporate imagery of unlimited size. Terabytes of imagery can be served over the Internet from a remote server thousands of miles away using the Image Web Server, and then accessed directly in ArcView. The free ECW plug-in for ArcView serves views into gigabytes or even terabytes of imagery via the Internet and intranets in seconds. The technology in the plug-in allows users to incorporate imagery directly in ArcView by simply typing a URL address. The Image Web Server seamlessly integrates with Web browsers as well as MapInfo, AutoCAD Map and other GIS, CAD and Office applications. Software development kits (SDKs) are also available.

AutoCAD Database Connectivity
Woolpert LLP announced the release of a new book, AutoCAD Database Connectivity, that provides an overview of database design, and an explanation of how to use tools and programming interfaces built into AutoCAD to create applications that provide access to databases. The book, authored by Scott MacFarlane, shows how to turn AutoCAD's "accurate, information-rich drawings" into "intelligent electronic documents."

New Version of Cyrax Software
Cyra Technologies announced the first major new release, Version 2.1, of its Cyrax 3D Laser Scanning system PC software application. Version 2.1's new Visual Database makes it easier to navigate in the 3D "point clouds" produced by the system. The Visual Database is a single, 3D computer graphics representation of the scanned site. The 3D representation includes a simple shell model of the site or structure showing major structural elements, or even a fully modeled scene. It also allows the user to view the scene from any 3D perspective and to easily extract dimensional information. Also included is faster, more accurate stitching of scans and improved automated modeling of scans. The latter provides an "auto-segmentation" feature that searches the scan for planar and cylindrical surfaces and automatically converts them to geometric primitives. Improvements have also been made in the conversion of 3D scans to 2D line drawings such as AutoCAD and MicroStation.

Web Mapping & Routing
ESRI announced its new Internet mapping software, RouteMAP Internet Map Server (IMS). The package offers mapping, site locating, and routing capabilities to an organization's website with driving directions to any location within the continental United States. Examples of its use include local governments helping citizens find polling stations and providing directions to the locations, and retail businesses turning online hits into in-store visits by providing directions and a map to their nearest store online. Street data for the entire United States is provided by ESRI business partner Geographic Data Technology.


New Accessories Manufacturer
S!TE Manufacturing Inc. is a new manufacturer of survey equipment accessories based in Bella Vista, California. Steve Bates, is President and Director of Engineering. Alex Morgan, is Vice-President and Director of Sales and Marketing. Bob Zades, is Production Manager. S!TE Manufacturing Inc. is pursuing a very aggressive product development plan to bring to the survey market the latest in innovations, quality engineering, production, and customer service in the manufacturing of GPS/GIS and land surveying equipment accessories.

S!TE Manufacturing Inc. Acquires Gold Talon Inc.
S!TE Manufacturing Inc. has acquired Gold Talon Inc. and its properties. Gold Talon Inc., of Cheyenne, Wyoming, is most known in the survey and mining industries for manufacturing the Gold Talon Eagle and the Gold Talon Miner laser plummet tribrachs. These patented products are designed for efficient and accurate plumbing and locating of GPS and traditional survey instrument applications using a visible beam laser. S!TE Manufacturing plans to reintroduce the Gold Talon Product line for the new millennium.

ER Mapper Giving Away Imagery for GIS Day 99
ER Mapper
is celebrating GIS Day 99 by providing two valuable sets of imagery for free to purchasers of ER Mapper. A DVD-ROM mosaic of 3,000 1-meter resolution DOQs of Southern California is free to California customers, and a 9-CD-COM set of 3 arc-second (about 100 meter) U.S. DEMs is available to all other U.S. buyers. The digital elevation model (DEM) mosaic consists of 1,000 DEMs covering the entire United States, including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. "It would cost GIS users more than $20,000 to purchase the individual DOQ images that make up the Southern California mosaic," said Mr. Chris Ribbel, ER Mapper USA Product Manager. Special conditions apply. This offer is valid for 90 days beginning on GIS Day (November 19, 1999). Imagery is provided for individual use.

Globalstar Announces New Distributors
Globalstar USA, the exclusive provider of Globalstar's satellite-based communications services in the United States, today announced the addition of eight distributors to its growing list of agents and resellers licensed to sell phones and service to customers. Globalstar USA, a division of Vodafone AirTouch Plc., is preparing for full commercial service, scheduled for the first quarter of year 2000. The company is currently conducting limited user trials. Initially, Globalstar USA will target industrial vertical markets, including utilities, oil and gas, mining, maritime, government and transportation. The company will also provide cellular extension service for wireless phone users who regularly travel beyond wireless boundaries. The Globalstar system is a mobile satellite service that extends the coverage of today's analog and digital wireless services and allows phone calls to be made and received virtually anywhere in the world. The system will eventually offer data capabilities, allowing for e-mail and short messaging.

Spectra Precision Adds New Service Engineers
Spectra Precision Surveying has expanded its service and support departments with a new force of in-house Service Engineers. The new Service Engineers, based at Spectra Precision's Itasca, Illinois headquarters, offer customers phone support, along with instrument upgrades and servicing.

Design Firms Deploying Websites
According to the 1999 Zweig White Marketing Survey of A/E/P & Environmental Consulting Firms, the percentage of firms with a website reached 86 percent this year—a 25 percent increase of the 69 percent reported in the 1998 edition of the survey. More firms also report that their website is producing results. The percentage of firms that received any qualified leads due to their site rose from 28 percent in 1998 to 36 percent in 1999. The report also stressed the need to differentiate a firm's website from other websites by providing a clearinghouse of useful information and not just an online brochure.

Joint Venture Agreement Signed
Spectra Precision
announced the finalization of its joint venture company with Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH, now known as ZSP Geodetic Systems GmbH. The company is located in Jena, Germany, and Karl-Heinz Strauss, former sales director for Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH Geodetic Systems, has ben appointed President. The new company will take over the activities of Carl Zeiss' Surveying Division. It will be integrated globally into the Spectra Precision organization, with Spectra Precision's Surveying Division coordinating all marketing and sales functions. Development and manufacturing will be carried out both in Jena and in Danderyd, Sweden. Operations commenced in October, 1999.


James Manchisi to New Position
Eastman Kodak Company today announced that James Manchisi has joined Kodak and been named vice president and general manager, Government Intelligence Market Segment, Commercial & Government Systems (C&GS). Manchisi comes to Kodak from the EDO Corporation - Barnes Division where he served as general manager. EDO is a supplier of proprietary advanced electro-optical, electronic, mechanical, acoustic and composite products to prime defense contractors and commercial original equipment manufacturers. Prior to that, Manchisi was with Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space and GE Astro Space. C&GS is a business unit in Kodak that provides imaging solutions to government agencies and commercial customers.

Sandra Thompson to Finance Post
Eastman Kodak Company today announced that Sandra N. Thompson has been appointed Finance Director for Commercial & Government Systems. In this position, Thompson will be responsible for C&GS financial and accounting functions and provide the direction for managing all government related financial reporting and audits. Thompson began her career with Kodak in 1970. She began her career in finance in 1978 as a financial analyst in the company's Controller's Division, and later held several key financial assignments with the Kodak Equipment Manufacturing Division. She came to C&GS in 1995 and served for three years as Manager, Government Accounting. Most recently, Thompson was the C&GS Controller.


Aerial Images Viewed on Prime Time
Aerofilms Ltd. and Simmons Mapping (UK) Ltd. using LH Systems products have generated a new leader for BBC's prime time television series "Eastenders" which shows a large scale image map of part of the London Docklands, including the famous Millennium Dome. The digital image is actually made up from over 600 individual photographs. Simmons Mapping (UK) Ltd. has built up considerable experience using LH Systems' digital photogrammetric products, especially on the MAPS project where the company is producing the first commercial fully ortho-rectified dataset at 25 cm ground resolution of the whole of England with its joint-venture partner. The image used in Eastenders and other products can be supplied over the Internet on request.

Space Weather Scales for Solar Max
As the sun revs up for another Solar Maximum, a period during the 11-year solar cycle when the sun is most active, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) introduced the first-ever scales designed to characterize the severity and impact of upcoming solar storms. Working like the Richter scale for earthquakes, NOAA's new space weather scales describe the intensity and frequency of three kinds of solar events: geomagnetic storms, solar radiation storms and radio blackouts. The upcoming Solar Max period, expected to last about three years, brings the potential for electrical power outages, radio problems, and the disabling of satellites. This can disrupt communications, including broadcast transmissions and pagers. Space storms, radiation showers, aurora borealis, and effects on power grids and Global Positioning System navigation and other systems are expected.. NOAA's Space Environment Center in Boulder, Colorado continuously monitors the solar environment with a complex array of ground-based observations and satellites. For more information check out

Chandra Receives Award
The TRW-led team that created NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory received a Popular Science 1999 "Best of What's New" awards. Kodak's Commercial and Government Systems (C&GS) division designed, assembled, aligned and tested the Optical Bench Assembly (OBA), the backbone of the telescope, and the High Resolution Mirror Assembly (HRMA), the heart of the telescope. The HRMA, which contains eight mirrors – the largest of their kind and the smoothest ever created – was the most complicated and crucial component of Chandra. Since its July 23rd launch, Chandra already has captured and transmitted to Earth dozens of stunning images that are providing new insights into the nature of neutron stars, nebulae and other astronomical phenomena.

NovAtel Delivers WAAS Receiver
NovAtel Inc., recently supplied a Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) receiver to NAV CANADA, which is responsible for providing air navigation services in Canada, including air traffic control, flight information, weather briefing, airport advisory services and electronic aids to navigation. The receiver will be used in connection with initial testing for the Canadian WAAS program. "This NovAtel receiver will help NAV CANADA identify the best sites for Canadian reference stations that will be linked to the FAA's WAAS and Europe's EGNOS," said NAV CANADA's SatNav Program Manager Ross Bowie. "If we proceed with a Canadian WAAS, we will need test data from the receiver that will be used in WAAS, EGNOS and the Japanese MSAS—and NovAtel provides that receiver."

Phase Out of 121.5 Emergency Beacons
The International COSPAS-SARSAT Program has announced it will terminate satellite processing of distress signals from 121.5/243 MHZ emergency beacons. Mariners, aviators, and individuals using emergency beacons that send distress alerts on 121.5 and 243 MHz should eventually begin using beacons operating on 406 MHZ if they want to be detected by satellites. A major factor in the decision to stop processing 121.5 MHZ signals is due to problems in this frequency band which inundate search and rescue authorities with false alerts, adversely impacting the effectiveness of lifesaving services. Although the 406 MHZ beacons cost more, they provide search and rescue agencies with more reliable and complete information. Although no effective date has been set, the termination is expected to take place far enough into the future to avoid a crisis for persons now using these beacons.

Image Web Server Covers ACRES
Earth Resource (ER) Mapper and the Australian Center for Remote Sensing (ACRES) signed an agreement to establish a method for viewing and delivering terabyte-sized images over the Internet using the new ER Mapper Image Web Server technology. ACRES currently acquires, catalogs, and processes remote sensing data from a range of remote sensing satellites, and distributes the finished product for scientific and operational applications that will benefit the Australian community. Distribution will now expand to include the Internet. Images of any size can be served and viewed in real time. Images can be also be loaded directly into a range of GIS packages and Microsoft Office using free plug-ins. ACRES will initially focus on using this technology to enhance its SPOT-LITE system, which provides on-line delivery of imagery from the SPOT series of satellites.

First IKONOS Commercial Image
Breakthrough technology developed by Earth Resource Mapping now makes imagery of virtually any size usable in numerous applications. The first one-meter resolution commercial image, a black-and-white image of Washington D.C., was collected by Space Imaging's IKONOS satellite on September 30, 1999. The image showcases several major landmarks, including the White House, Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, the Washington Monument and its shadow, the Department of Commerce, and several of the Smithsonian museums. This remarkable image is the latest addition to the growing list of large imagery that can be viewed on-line. Visitors to the Image Web Server can roam and zoom all imagery in real time. Images were compressed using Enhanced Compressed Wavelet (ECW) image compression open standard format.

MAPPS Files FAIR Act Challenges
The Management Association for Private Photogrammetric Surveyors (MAPPS) has challenged 1,550 positions in four agencies in the Federal Government under the Federal Activities Inventory Reform (FAIR) Act, Public Law 105-270. The FAIR Act requires Federal agencies to inventory activities that could be performed by the private sector. So far, 50 agency inventories have been made public. The law provides a process by which interested parties can challenge in inclusion or omission of activities from the list. MAPPS filed the challenges as "a representative of any business or professional association that includes within its membership private sector sources", which defines MAPPS as an "interested party". MAPPS challenges included the Commerce and Agriculture departments, the EPA, and NASA. "We are disappointed that the agencies have failed to comply with the spirit and the letter of the FAIR Act," said MAPPS Executive Director John Palatiello. "The purpose of the FAIR Act was to improve citizen knowledge of government activities, not hide behind exemptions and omissions." For more information on the FAIR Act and its inventories, see a special section on the MAPPS Home Page,

Taiwan's Earthquake Recovery Aided
ER Mapper is helping Taiwan as it recovers from one of the most devastating earthquakes in the country's history. It has donated 20 ER Mapper licenses to the Taiwanese government, which will use the software to gauge the impact of the recent earthquake and develop plans for rebuilding severely damaged infrastructure. Earth Resource Mapping was initially contacted regarding this project by the China GIS Association (CGISA) through the company's local partner, Geoinfor Scientek Consultants. The government of Taiwan, with the assistance of the CGISA, will be conducting a year-long GIS and airphoto survey of the entire island. The project will also compare historical airphoto surveys with the new data to determine the earthquake's destruction. Unaffected areas will be assessed as well so that safety standards can be set. Once the data from the survey is gathered, ER Mapper will be used to mosaic, balance and integrate the airphotos with the GIS data.

Cyrax Wins Fourth Award
Cyra Technologies revealed that the September 1999 issue of Chemical Processing magazine announced that the Cyrax 3D Laser Scanning & Modeling System won the 1999 Vaaler Award for technology innovation. The Cyrax system has previously won the R&D 100 Award from R&D Magazine, the 1998 Innovation Award from Computer Graphics World, and was chosen from 650 entrants representing advances in computer graphics at the SIGGRAPH 1999 Conference.

NSPS ACSM Membership Contest
The National Society of Professional Surveyors announced an $1,100.00 prize for the member who brings in the most new members. The money for the prize was donated by individual ACSM members. Membership applications can be downloaded from the ACSM web site at: member03.htm Contest rules are: 1) open to all ACSM members; 2) the contest began at the close of the NSPS Board of Directors meeting in Grand Rapids Michigan, 1999; 3) the contest ends at the beginning of the NSPS Board of Governors meeting in the Fall of 2000; 4) to qualify the ACSM member's name must appear in the sponsor's space on a new member's application; 5) the application must be for full membership and dues must be paid in full; 6) a member must sign up a minimum of ten (10) new members to qualify; and 7) the decisions of the ACSM/NSPS membership committee are final.

In Passing

James E. Banks, Idaho PLS 4559, passed away August 13, 1999 at his home in Elko, Nevada. He was 55. Jim was a retired First Sergeant of the U.S. Army reserves. He served two tours in Vietnam in the U.S. Marine Corp. Jim was also the former owner of J. E. Banks Surveying Inc. He started his business in 1989 with his good friend and partner Jim Minser doing retracement surveys for state of Idaho and the U.S. Forest Service. At the time of his death, he was employed by Barrick Gold Strike Mining Company as an underground surveyor. He is survived by his wife Barbara, three sons, John, Kenneth, and Bill, two daughters, Jeannie and Marianne, twelve grandchildren, five sisters, and one brother. All who knew him will remember him for his big heart and his great sense of humor.

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