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Topcon Opens G3 Door to the Future

Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) announces the Paradigm G3 chip, a new technology that sets the standard for the future of satellite positioning. Satellite positioning systems are widely used for land surveying and machine control tasks. To operate, these systems need to receive a minimum of five satellites at all times. When the minimum number of satellites is not available due to obstructions—trees, buildings, or steep slopes—reception is interrupted, creating costly downtime on the job site. Topcon's GPS+ GLONASS technology virtually eliminated satellite access problems. The new Topcon G3 technology takes it a step further by adding the soon-to-be-available European Union Galileo satellite constellation, which will eventually have a total of more than 30 satellites. The G3 chip with its patented Universal Signal Tracking capabilities has 72 universal channels that can receive signals from up to 36 satellites simultaneously.

Optech Introduces ALTM 3100EA

Optech, the global leader in manufacturing and support of advanced laser-based survey instruments, announces the new ALTM 3100EA (Enhanced Accuracy). With the introduction of the ALTM 3100EA, the world's first 100 kHz airborne laser terrain mapper now provides even more options! The new ALTM 3100EA still offers all the functionality and performance of the previous ALTM 3100 systems, but now enables users to achieve even greater accuracies for their large-scale mapping requirements. Under optimal conditions, users can achieve elevation accuracies as high as ±3 cm, 2-sigma at 500 m elevation, 33 kHz laser rep. rates with ±10° scan angles.

TDS Introduces Low-Cost Recon NX Series

Tripod Data Systems (TDS) announced a low-cost version of its popular TDS Recon data collector. The new Recon NX series, which includes 200-MHz and 400-MHz models, meets the same durability standards and offers the same performance as all Recons, but does not include CompactFlash expansion slots. Like all Recons, the NX series meets MIL-STD-810F military standards for drops, vibration and temperature extremes. It also has an IP67 rating, meaning it's impervious to water and dust. Both Recon NX series models come with Windows Mobile software and a 15-hour rechargeable battery.

Leica SmartRover Is Newest Addition to System 1200 Family

Leica Geosystems has announced the introduction of the SmartRover, a new, lightweight, high-performance, all-on-the-pole RTK GPS surveying instrument. Weighing just 2.8 kg (6.16 lb), the SmartRover is 30 percent lighter than other all-on-the-pole RTK systems. Consisting of the Leica AT1230 SmartAntenna and Leica 1250 Controller, the SmartRover is designed to be fully compatible with the Leica SmartStation, the first total station with integrated GPS. The SmartRover features Leica Geosystems' exclusive SmartCheck and SmartTrack technology for high performance in the field. The SmartCheck algorithms provide centimeter-level position accuracy at update rates up to 20 Hz with 99.99 percent reliability for baselines up to 30 km.

Tuck Mapping eagleeye Mapping System Includes Applanix DSS 322

Tuck Mapping Solutions' new eagleeye mapping system incorporates the new Applanix DSS 322 (Digital Sensor System) as its mainstay aerial imaging component. The eagleeye system is a fully integrated helicopter-based system that provides highly accurate terrain measurement simultaneously with high-resolution digital photography. Tuck Mapping joined the DSS 322's robust inertial GPS technology with their current LiDAR scanner to form an integrated and matched helicopter-based mapping system that yields extraordinary vertical accuracy of approximately 2". The Applanix DSS 322 features a precision medium format digital camera, advanced Position and Orientation technology designed for Airborne Vehicles (POS AV), and custom optics built within a small, rugged, and easy to install package.

Leica Geosystems Announces Cyclone 5.4

Leica Geosystems announces the immediate availability of Cyclone 5.4 software to streamline workflows in the field and office for High-Definition Surveys. Key new features include:

  • Six New Visualization Tools: For faster navigation through point cloud data;
  • "Single User" Setting: New option for faster point cloud loading and management;
  • Automated Target Recheck: Improves survey quality and project productivity via easy field QA/QC checks.

Leica Geosystems' High-Definition Surveying (HDS) hardware and software solutions are used for conducting as-built, engineering, topographic and detailed geometric surveys within the AEC and industrial facilities markets. Cyclone enables users to efficiently register, geo-reference, and process laser scan point cloud data into deliverables.

IVS Releases Fledermaus Version 6.2

Interactive Visualization Systems (IVS) has announced the release of its latest version of the award winning Fledermaus software suite with several new features to increase versatility, functionality and compatibility. These new features include a significantly increased rendering speed, the support of more data file formats, improved movie making capabilities and a Vessel Manager application that tracks remotely operated vehicles in real time and with simulation options.

Topcon Introduces New Construction Total Stations

A new total station series specifically designed for construction layout and other job site positioning tasks has been announced by Topcon Positioning Systems. The CTS-3000 series features onboard software that simplifies staking. An extended keyboard enables easy operation and data input. The system software can also be operated with a hand-held data collector, like Topcon's FC-100. Reflectorless measurement capabilities up to 250m (820 ft.) and a prism type range of 3,000m (9842 ft.) to a single standard size prism provide the range needed to cover most job sites.Formal surveying experience is not needed to use the CTS-3000 series instruments on the job site. This unit is designed to carry grades, set or maintain control, or perform layout quickly and easily. CTS-3000 series instruments are built with rugged, weatherproof housings to protect internal components under typical job conditions and use.

Prosurv Releases Prosurv cEZ version 1.5

Prosurv LLC announces new Prosurv cEZ version 1.5 and sale on Prosurv cEZ Data Collection. For the first time ever, total station & digital level data collection software is available for under $100. Prosurv cEZ Data Collection is comprehensive surveying data collection software for the Pocket PC. Prosurv cEZ supports most total stations and digital levels, as well as allowing full manual entry of raw data. The extensive software includes dozens of ProGo computational routines, Feature Codes & Attributes, Baselines (horizontal & vertical geometry), Import/Export of points, raw data recomputations, raw data export, 5 types of Intersections, real-time point and linework graphics, 3 compass rule adjustments, spiral curve and offset computations, pre-determined areas, least squares best fit line and curve routines, and much more.

SOKKIA's Latest Releases

SOKKIA has introduced SDL50, a reliable, easy-to-use digital level which now brings the benefits of digital leveling to construction applications at an affordable price. In combination with Sokkia's RAB-code staff, height difference and distance can be measured simply with the touch of a key in less than 3 seconds, with the result stored in the internal memory. The measuring distance is from 1.6 to 100 m (5.3 to 320ft.) SOKKIA is also pleased to announce that SOKKIA Series30R,the most versatile and rugged Reflectorless Total Station series, now incorporates communication functions designed to increase work efficiency and boost convenience for the user customers. The Bluetooth wireless communication function is now available for Series30R as a factory option to provide cablefree communication with data collectors (via integrated Bluetooth technology). The SFX (Sokkia Field-info Xpress) function, fitted as standard, enables data transfer via the Internet using mobile phones. As Series30R's Bluetooth wireless communications module has a dial-up function, SFX can be used without cables if the mobile phone also incorporates Bluetooth technology.


Clary & Associates Welcomes Mike Colligan as New Surveyor-in-Training

Clary & Associates Professional Surveyors and Mappers is pleased to welcome Mike Colligan (S.I.T.) as the company's newest Surveyor-in-Training. Having entered the industry several years ago as a survey intern, Colligan continues to rise through the ranks of the land surveying profession. As a surveyor-in-training, Colligan's duties include research for map preparation; production of boundary and topographic surveys using the latest computer-aided drafting technologies and more. Prior to joining Clary and Associates, Colligan worked for the civil consulting firm Kimley-Horn and Associates. A Middleburg native, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Geomatics at University of Florida in Gainesville. He also is an alumnus of Theta Tau the university's co-ed engineering fraternity, as well as an active member of the Florida Surveying and Mapping Society (FSMS).

Dutko Named President and COO of CLC Associates

Walt Dutko was recently named president and chief operating officer of CLC Associates, a rapidly expanding national planning, entitlements, architecture, engineering, landscape architecture and land surveying firm. As president, he has overall responsibility for guiding the firm's corporate vision and providing overall leadership. As chief operating officer, he is responsible for overseeing the firm's operations and profitability, including business systems, financial management, and corporate operations. CLC has offices in Denver, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Spokane. Dutko has more than 34 years of experience in management, operations and business systems within the professional services industry. Prior to joining CLC Associates, he provided business consulting services through his own consulting firm, P & L Management Consultants, LLC, where he provided services to architects, engineers and attorneys, as well as to CLC. Prior to owning his own firm, Dutko served as CFO for Merrick & Co., and, prior to that, he was a principal with Woodward-Clyde, an international engineering firm. His tenure at Woodward-Clyde extended over a 25-year period and he ultimately served as vice president of financial operations.

High-definition Surveying Expert Joins Mulkey Leadership Team

Ray Lawson, one of the leading experts on high-definition surveying within the engineering industry, has been named high-definition (HD) survey program manager for Mulkey Engineers & Consultants. In this position, Lawson will oversee the company's growing HD Survey efforts, from business development to the actual field execution of survey projects. Mulkey is one of a few firms with HD capabilities in the Southeast. As a consultant to Cyra, one of the first companies to develop a laser for surveys, Lawson helped develop the HD survey technology. He has since authored numerous articles related to the implementation and benefits of HD technology.

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