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Today I would like to share mypersonal experience about the Google Search Console Errors, which is mostcommon problem for the web developers, and it is very important for the healthof your website, because if there are errors in your google search console thenyour site will not be able to be searched in google, and its posts will not beindexed by google, that’s why it is very important to remove these errors fromGoogle search console, You should not take these errors so easy.

There are many errors are coming inmy site, which may include

·Contentwider than screen

·Text tooSmall to Read

·Clickableelements are much close

Near about 600 errors are coming inmy site in the search console, and they are still in failed condition evensubmitting many times and I am unable to resolve that problem and my trafficbecome equal to nothing.

Above mentioned errors are verycommon errors, which web developers most faced, and I also for my site, I triedto solve these errors by increasing the font size of my content, remove thevideos, but never get rid of these errors.

I would like to share you that, howyou can remove these errors from your website, as I do, it is my personalexperience,

I suggest that, you should first ofall use magXP theme it is very mobile friendly and good theme, after that youshould use a high speed server; I believe that, after doing this your errorswill be removed permanently as I do for my site  Pinoy Replay

I how you will be able to remove yourerrors with this article and your comment about this article will be highlyappreciated.

  Tuesday, February 18, 2020 at 7:26:32 AM
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Today I would like to ask from community that, what is bestto live a better financial life, either a job or a business. However it is noteasy to find a job neither to be succeeded in a business without a huge amountof investment. There are many websites like who provide the detail of jobs butit is too difficult to be appointed on these jobs. That’s why I am so confusedto choose one of them.

 There are many peoplewho think that, business is best other than a job with different reasons anddifferent perspective, and just like that, there are many people who think thatjob is very good and best other than a business with different perspective, buthow can we decide that, which will be best, That’s why I would like to ask thatquestion by you,

Some of the people think that, business is best because in abusiness you can earn according to your hard working, but in a job you cannotearn according to your hard work, that’s why business is much better than ajob.

If we talk about the job, then the people who are in thefavor of job, they say that, job is best because there is no need to worryabout investment, profit and loss just do your services and have your salary.So <a href="">sarkarinaukri</a> is best for you,

But according to my perspective, I think you should workaccording to your nature, mean you should work according to your interest, ifyou have interest in Job then, job is best for you and you will be succeeded inthat field, and on the other side which is business you should do business ifyou have interest in business and enough experience to do a business.


What do you think about this confusion, your comment is veryimportant..

  Tuesday, February 18, 2020 at 7:27:17 AM
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Understanding the report

This report is much easier to understand, and more useful, if you have read how Google Search works first.

The Index Coverage report shows the Google-index state of all URLs in your property.

The top-level summary page shows the results for all URLs in your property grouped by status (error, warning, or valid) and specific reason for that status (such as Submitted URL not found (404)).

Click a table row in the summary page to see a details page that focuses on all URLs with the same. It's one skill!

  Wednesday, May 12, 2021 at 2:01:59 AM

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