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Clean all pet bedding items. Wash it with hot water and laundry detergent or toss it if is severely damaged. Before placing back in the house, use an odor eliminator product on it. You need to rid the smell not cover it up. Check the dog food. Is it expired? Is the pet, food bag sealed properly? Does the container have a hole causing the smell to seep out? If so, fix it. Some dog and cat food have a distinct smell that stinks up the entire house. You need to fix this before moving on to cleaning other parts of the house.

Check the closets. Do your clothes have an odor? Are the closet walls filled with unwanted smells? If so, the first step pet odor eliminator is to remove the clothes, shoes, everything from the closet to start cleaning. Wash down the walls with a mixture of water and soapy clear soap. Start scrubbing. It is the best way to mask odors. Once completed, let the walls air dry and spray a product eliminator that is safe, non-toxic, and safe with pets. Then before placing the clothes back into the closet, check the clothes. Do the clothes stink? If so, do not put them back until the clothes are aired out, clean, and smell fresh. If you put them back then it defeats the purpose of cleaning the closet to begin with.
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Learning about this pet odor eliminator was good for me, and I will tell you how to care about pets now. It's vital to give your pets as much love as possible, and one of the ways to do is by doing what I say.
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