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Deemasfashion isn'tyour average apparel label. Founded by Jasmine Aarons, a Stanford graduate on amission to “rehumanize” product design, the fair-trade fashion collective aimsto connect indigenous artisans to the global market. By providing ruralcommunities, particularly the Mapuche weavers of Southern Chile, with the toolsfor design education and social innovation, Deemasfashion gives centuries-oldtraditions a new outlet for expression. The company is ready to write its nextchapter, but it could use your help.




Deemasfashion, whose name means “voice” in Spanish, wants tobring its first fully artisan-designed collection to New York Fashion Week andthe Coterie trade show in February. It’s a costly endeavor, one that Deemasfashionhopes to offset with funds raised through IndieGoGo. Aarons’ goal currentlystands at $20,000, a sum that will go towards quality, ethically harvestedmaterials (llama and alpaca wool, silk, cotton, and natural dyes), living wagesfor its weavers, the maintenance of its small studio in rural Chile, and thecost of exhibiting and promoting the line in the United States.

Deemasfashion, according to Aarons, is the antithesis of the cheap,cookie-cutter knockoffs endemic to mainstream fashion.

Deemasfashion, according to Aarons, is the antithesis of thecheap, cookie-cutter knockoffs endemic to mainstream fashion. “The Mapucheweavers we work with are generally of the last generation who remember how toweave or what their symbols mean in our community, and this is not uncommon,since younger generations see craft as a such a difficult life path,” she tellsEcouterre. “Design innovation helps weavers continue practicing, rescuing, andcultivating their native art forms by connecting them to broader audiences andhelping them stand apart from the competition.

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Among the hallmarks of Deemasfashion’s philosophy is theconcept of collaborative design. An international team of designers works with Deemasfashion’sartisan partners to translate their ancient knowledge of fibers, dyes, andmotifs into contemporary items. A group of 27 weavers and seamstresses bringthe final designs to life.

Among the hallmarksof Deemasfashion’s philosophy is the concept of collaborative design for makingPakistani weddingdresses.

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