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Other than regarding only human life, the cow, Hypnosis Live according to the ancient Vedas, is always to be protected, or society will owe a heavy debt. The cow is considered like our own mother, because, like our human mother, she supplies milk and nourishment. Cow's milk, above all other animals, is considered the tastiest of all. Therefore it is used by society for nutrition and enjoyment. 

As we all know, cow's milk can be made into many delicious foodstuffs such as butter, cream, yogurt, cheese and sweets. We actually owe the cows a debt of gratitude. In today's society, however, we steal her gifts, send many of her baby's away to be killed, and then send her to slaughter when she is no longer useful.

Some say that cows are killed for food because they are dumb. In this regard, the saying may hold true - 'you are what you eat'. It's true that cows are peaceful, but not dumb. Just like humans, they eat, sleep, mate and defend themselves if provoked. We could compare a cow to a child, whose intelligence is not fully developed, but certainly not dumb. One would certainly not raise their own children for food, although there are some lower animals that eat their own young. In this regard, eating the young calf, as veal, is also abominable. If we truly desire to eat flesh, then we may be born a lion, tiger or one of many other carnivorous beasts.

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