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If you're anything like me, you're always interested in finding new, and more importantly, better ways of doing things. Well, climb aboard, that's precisely where we're headed. We're going to cover two things: 1. Simplify very complex physics and mathematics. Don't worry, you won't need a calculator. 2. Transfer the above technical information into practical applications that are guaranteed to instantly improve your arms and many other cable-based exercises. So if you're currently performing triceps extensions in your program, then read carefully. Because what you're about to learn will drastically improve your arm strength, size and definition.

A Quick Rant on "Research"

There's no opinion based or "one research study showed" material in this article. The information contained has long been proven by the science of physics and mathematics. There's a huge difference between quoting research and stating that something has been proven by science. Even though research can be scientific, it doesn't mean that the end result will be repeatable. Just think about the many similar research studies that wind up showing drastically different outcomes. Remember, in order for something to be scientifically proven, it must be repeatable. "Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing." - Albert Einstein

The Dorky Science Stuff

There's a principle of physics and vector mathematics called the Resolution of Forces. When understood and applied to resistance training, this concept can greatly improve your program. Resolution of Forces is the method of resolving a vector into its components. Any vector which is directed at an angle to the customary coordinate axis can be considered to have two parts. Each part is being directed along one of the axe, either horizontally or vertically. The parts of the single vector are called components and describe the influence of that single vector in that given direction. Think of a dog being pulled upon by a chain. If the chain is pulled upwards and to the right (Diagonal), then there's a tensional force acting upwards and rightwards upon the dog. That single force can be resolved into two components: One being directed upwards and the other to the right. Each component describes the effect of that chain in the given direction. The vertical component describes the upward influence of the force upon the dog. The horizontal component describes the rightward influence.

Taking It to the Gym

Now lets think about how triceps extensions are performed with a rope. Performing a triceps extension with a rope requires the exerciser to gradually spread the rope apart as the movement progresses. Whether you know it or not, this splitting of the rope drastically changes the exercise and the forces involved. When you use a straight cable bar, the force you exert from both arms is straight down. When you use a rope, things are very different. With the rope, you're no longer pushing straight down. You're now pushing at a diagonal. As we learned by Resolution of Forces, your effort of force is now divided into two parts. One part of your effort is pulling the rope down, while the other part is pulling the rope apart. It's important to note that the amount of force it takes to spread the rope apart is proportionate to the angle between each side. In other words, the force you have to put out gradually changes as your hands spread.

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