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hypotenuse and multi-angle, oblique and multi-angle easily lead to visual illusion, the formation of pressure, affecting the owner's health. 3, the bed should not be facing the bedroom door, bedside of the door, easy to sleep a lack of security, and evil wind straight head, prone to headache disease. 4, the bed can not be placed under the beam, beam pressure top, prone to pressure and pressure, affecting the health and hinder career development. 5, the bedroom door is not on the door, because the bedroom is the

rest of the need for quiet and hidden, the door often personnel access, will affect the quality of sleep. And the door straight door, easy to affect the owner's health and wealth. 6, bathroom should not be changed into the bedroom, bathroom is unclean, and wet, not suitable for the bedroom. 7, the bedroom door is not on the bathroom, because the bathroom has moisture and dirty air, if the two are not only will affect the bedroom air, but also harm the human body. 8, the bedroom door should not be on the kitchen

door, and should not be adjacent to the kitchen, because the kitchen oil smoke will affect the health of the body. 9, the mirror should not be on the bed, because the mirror has a reflective effect, if the bed will be fierce and evil of the gas reflected to the bed, affecting the health of the owner, and the mirror on the bed, easy to cause shock to the owner. 10, the bedroom should not be placed too many plants, plants easy to gather chi, affect their health. On the bedroom decoration design should pay attention to the

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