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1, wood composite flooring advantages of extraordinary, "wood is also crazy"! "Crazy", "rampant", "rampant" are abnormal, ferocious, presumptuous meaning, are derogatory term. "Crazy focus on the state of mind, pointing to the same as crazy, loss of reason." In the "crazy" before adding a "also" word is not entirely derogatory. "Wood is also crazy," reflects some of us ordinary people do not Think of things: wood flooring high degree of simulation, almost can not tell is the wood or ceramic, this world "really false, false true!" Like the wood thing is not afraid of fire, not afraid of water, but also acid and alkali, really incredible! 2, classic, but durable, "the choice of elegant life"! "Classic" refers to the exemplary, authoritative; enduring for the ages of the work; selected by history out of the "most valuable"; the best performance of the essence of the industry; the most representative; the most perfect works. "Elegant life" refers to the representative, handed down, worthy of people's pursuit of life. Wood grain composite flooring Because of the characteristics of its products, wood grain classic durable, especially by the designer's favorite, the wood composite floor design and all kinds of building decoration, which become the classic decoration of choice material. Wooden laminate flooring, the choice of elegant living! 3, the protection of nature, the use of wood composite floor can reduce the deforestation of the forest Forest is a regulator of the atmosphere, it has a positive impact on the atmospheric environment, the formation of rain is essential. Green forests are the "factories and warehouses" that produce and store oxygen on Earth. They supply oxygen continuously to the world through photosynthesis, which gives humans a basic guarantee of survival. However, in the face of a large forest of human support, our hearts have too much gratitude and admiration, there are many apologetic and repentance. Has raised the human race, gave birth to a forest of civilization, in the human enjoyment of plunder in front of their own destiny can not grasp the time, that is, human face a great disaster of the moment.
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