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With the advancement of science and industry in various fields, especially in the field of signage, a great change has been provided in the construction of each billboard, and today there is a great variety in the manufacture of billboards, which confuses customers in choosing the type of billboard. With the introduction of advanced devices such as laser cutting machine, PVC machine, phantom chromium machine, CNC machine and other typewriters and cutting machines, it is possible to make embossed letters in different shapes and designs in large and three-dimensional form. It's over.

Painting is the most important advertising and marketing technique without which a brand will not be known and will not represent the presence of people. Advertising has a significant impact on sales and earning more revenue and has a significant role in attracting more customers, but panel making is more important than other advertising methods such as paper advertising, radio and television advertising, sampling advertising, guerrilla advertising, social media advertising, stickers. Advertising and other methods all have a limited time and are used for a long time, but painting can be durable and long-lasting for many years if ordered in a modern way and according to modern methods. The unlimited face of your brand name to the general audience and people who are moving in front of your business every day over time, the brand name on the billboard in their minds and when you need the type of goods or The services provided by you will definitely come to you.

In the manufacture of billboards, various tools, parts and accessories are used depending on the type of billboards. One of the practical tools in making Chelnium billboards or other billboards that are made in combination letters is Chelnium roll.
Roll Chelnium:
What is a Chelnium Roll?
Flexible color strips are 7, 9 and 11 cm wide, which have thicknesses between 3.0 and 0.5, and are produced by various brands in countries such as Spain, Taiwan, Korea and China to make embossed letters in different colors. Bases are offered. One of the largest and most popular advertising brands produced by Ross Chelnium Original is Alorapid, which is produced by Spain and in MIC factories, which has excellent quality, the other type, which is also excellent quality, is Taiwanese Alvand, and then There are Chinese brands called Alushine, Allotip and Sahand, etc., which produce and supply Chelnium rolls, but their quality is not comparable to the two models of Alband and Alorapid. However, they are used for some applications if you are looking for Quality and durability are recommended.
Chelnium board roll:
Chelnium panel is one of the most beautiful and modern billboards at the moment, which includes several types such as simple Chelnium panel, Chelnium Lettermex panel, Star Chelnium panel, Diamond Chelnium panel, Crystallium Chelnium panel, Duchess double double Chelnium panel, panel The Chelnium board has a double diamond, etc. The techniques of making and cutting Plexiglas can be implemented in several ways, but the Chelnium roll can be used to make other promotional boards in combination, such as plastic neon boards, steel boards, vacuum boards, boards. Punch, etc., in which case the surface of the board is made of plastic or steel and the edges of the letters are made of Chelnium. Instead of using PVC substructure, you can use composite sheet or thermowood wood instead of PVC substructure to make the beauty of your billboard unique. 

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