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1, the installation of the floor to keep the floor dry, smooth and clean. The key to doing particularly impatient. If you do not install the keel, it should also be laid directly on the ground to confirm absolutely flat. Also laying of the floor that day, other home workers should be temporarily withdrew.

2, to the floor, must be open packet inspection, confirmation is sent to the floor of his own order models. Best to have opened the package to see the floor, check for quality issues. Carefully compare the color difference is not large, although floor inevitably there will be some color, but if the color is too large, felt unable to accept can be rejected, and timely contact with the seller to resolve as soon as possible. Do not wait Puwan floor, only to find color, this time will result in a loss. And generally floor trader on the floor so that you will be sent in a single receipt to sign, once you sign it means recognition of the quality of the floor.

3, since the laying of the floor, the house has been completed, it is time to re-site workers should pay attention to remind workers to avoid the bump has been completed finished. Workers fight baseboards, door installation intraocular pressure of the front of the lower end of the saw Door to explicitly tell workers where not drill, not cutting, so as not to destroy the original pipe and line pipe. This is very critical, many owners have encountered nail baseboards pipes penetrated the case.

4, pre-construction, and workers need to re-verify the direction and method of laying a pre-determined. In addition to more open a few packs of floor, and workers - change color texture view from the floor to determine the random laying, or sub-depth, color after laying. You can put some color is not very nice to the cloakroom flooring, beds and other large pieces of furniture below. Laying the floor of my house, when also some lateral textured elected shop floor in the aisle after the paved looks very unique, characteristic.

5, door opening and floor (including the thickness of the door layering) pitch after laying be kept at 4 mm or more, to prevent future subsidence door, opening and closing of the impact.

6, the best floor sawing operation on the balcony, bathroom or hallway.

7, expansion joint between the floor and the wall to ensure 8-10 mm, otherwise it will lose retractable floor room for easy bagging. The general thickness of 8 mm above the floor, or you can cut a 8-10 mm thick strips of wood as a wedge against the wall as a measure of the expansion joints in the standard. When you install the skirting board. Be sure to remove the expansion joints on the inside of the wedge, otherwise the expansion joints on the white left. Installed baseboard should completely cover the joints. In order to securely mounted baseboard, preferably with nails. After installation, please Oilers patch up nail holes and seams. Skirting Yang angle should be 45-degree angle on the way, it will be a lot of beautiful.

8, the ground moisture barrier layer between geothermal laying on the floor with plastic sheeting, the interface must be a good lap, and with adhesive tape.

9, if the floor lay length or width more than 8 meters, interface, or entrance room, hall between, must be installed layering.

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