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Having a tight and tone lower half for most women seems unthinkable. Many women desire to have a round nike air max 2015 pánské , lifted butt that looks great in jeans, shorts and even a bikini. Throughout this article Debbie McFarlen, a top personal trainer for Team Fitness America, will uncover six basic exercises to help reach a perfected ballerina bottom. Some women spend countless hours at the gym on the stair stepper, hoping for that nice round physique of stars like Jennifer Lopez, but soon find themselves giving up to believe that it must be her genetics. Genetics does play a part in what your physique looks like, but you do not have to accept the body the way it is because change is possible. For years, ballerinas have been performing the lifts and squats that create that nice, round, and tight lower half. Most women forget the tush is a muscle and since we cannot see it ourselves, it is often overlooked but still envied. Here are six secrets that ballerinas and dancers have used for years to lift nike air max 2016 dámské , tone, and tuck the lower half of their body. Take note of squeezing your butt muscles and pointing your toe on each exercise, as both of are extremely important for sure success. 1. Squat and Squeeze - Standing at your kitchen counter for balance, squat towards the ground. Make sure your knees are directly above your ankles and never over your toes. Squat and squeeze, exhale on the way up, and stand up on your toes. Pause and inhale, squat almost to floor, exhale and lift, again to your toes. Pause at the top of the exercise and at the bottom for one second. Repeat these 20 times, then rest and repeat again. If you own a stability ball, then you can make a great variation of this exercise. Place the ball on the middle of your back against a wall air max 90 cervené , then squat down letting the ball roll itself down until your knees reach a 90-degree angle. Remember to keep your knees directly aligned with your ankles and never over the toes. 2. The Ballerina Lift - Hold onto the kitchen counter or something sturdy such as a railing. Squeeze butt muscles and lift your leg as high as you can behind you. Keep your leg straight and toe pointed. Exhale while you lift and inhale as you lower your leg.
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