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If any one achievement of Technology has changed , the face of wrestling it is Television. Television and Wrestling goes back to Black and White sets. Us older people will remember those and really makes us feel old. The young however will not know what they use. It was two colors Black and White or shades of the two. It did give us our Sports entertainment fix. It then reached a new era when color came into existence, Color was the future (at the time) it made it fun to watch the flashy costumes and robes. In the early days, nearly everyone had a robe, Jacket or other accessories. It soon took over and the Black and White or BW soon was no more. Color dominated the market and the only question was how big of a screen, 19, 26 or 32 or even bigger. The limit was how much you wanted to spend. The invention of the VCR or Video Cassette Recorder gave us another soon to be important luxury. We could tape Wrestling, watch it at another time or save it , and build a collection. Then Vincent Kennedy McMahon invented the concept of Wrestle Mania and launched or helped launch the Concept of Pay Per View. Pay per View was new and it was seeing the event live. Best of all there was no parking, tickets, snacks or traffic. You called your cable provider and then tuned in on day and time and sat back and watched on the edge of your seat. Not all early pay per view was a success. The Wrestling Classic re formatted into the current Royal Rumble. It also was the only car give away ever attempted. A Rolls Royce Super Cloud 3 sports car was the grand prize. He did have a string of hits, Summer Slam Survivor Series and Wrestle mania. The four shows drew huge money and allowed using money to create a better product. A better product turned into more money it was the circle of life (sorry Disney). Back then, a Pay per view was $29.99 and Wrestle mania was $39.99. Wrestle mania cost more because it was an hour longer than a standard show.

In the early days of TNA, they attempted a weekly PPV at $14.99 it soon crushed by Vince is commanding hold or chokehold of the Cable Industry. He generated millions of dollars and could choose when things aired. Rumors circulated that he would block time just so they would get bad times or no sponsors as he had locked up all the big money contracts.
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