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Pull the energy up to the balls of your feet, go up the front of your legs adidas supercolor azzurre , to the bottom of your spine, up your back, and all the way to the top of your head. Then breathe out from the top of your head, down the front of your body, all the way to the bottom of your spine. However, continue from there down the back of the legs and all the way through the soles of your feet. Push the air into the center of the earth and feel it go back there. With your exhale, let go of any negative feelings that might be bothering you and let them be absorbed into the earth. The earth can regenerate, re-empower, and renew. It can accept any kind of negative energy you have to give it and brings it back, transformed to the positive. All you need to do to affirm this for yourself is to look at the growth of nature in springtime. The macrocosmic breath's energy travels in a figure 8 pattern. For further visualization, when you reach the top of your head with this breath adidas supercolor gialle uomo , visualize that the sun is shining down on you. When you breathe out, feel the warmth of the sun fill your whole body. If there is a problem anywhere in your body, said that trouble down to the earth through the soles of your feet, while you fill the area where the trouble was with more of the healing warmth from the Sun. Visualization along with this type of deep breathing can be powerful healing mechanisms. Fill with power as you breathe in and out. See the person you want to become and do the things you would like to do. Celebrate a goal you have in your life, and imagine that you have accomplished it. Feel the rush of endorphins and the excitement you feel at this realization. Put yourself in this type of ecstasy on a regular basis and see the changes that you bring. Along with the microcosmic and macrocosmic breath, there's one more type of breath that you are now ready for. Start with the macrocosmic breath. However, as you breathe in, feel yourself expanding, getting bigger, turning into a giant that has wings spreading out as you grow and grow. You grow so large that instead of fitting within the universe, you become larger than the universe itself. Your wings close as you breathe out and collect all the cosmic energy now swirling within your belly adidas supercolor saldi , at the center point, two inches below your belly button. Feel this dynamic power gathering as you breathe out. Push your belly out with power as you further exhale, rather than letting your belly contract. This is called "reverse breathing," and gives you even more supercharged energy. These types of breathing techniques are leading up to somethi.
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