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Summon core skills: Dandelion (cd8s), flopping (cd18s), group Po (cd30s)
1, and the call to fight bnsgold.co must be optimistic about whether the other held up the dandelion, if never, never give up and do not play with those skills can not break defense, or other stealth also reset thorns vine cd, it is a disadvantage . Dandelion cd is 8s, move time is 1.5s, both sure to write a good time. Calculation other cd dandelion, dandelion each other after cd Well try not to use the black dragon Yan, Yan Long after dark also release time 0.3s, it is easy to be by stealth, then you tied rattan thorns. Of course, if the other party is still cooling dandelion, bnsgold.co dimensional elastic Han anyway, not money, how much how much
2, with good ss is the key. Do not covet those old blood back and reset the Undead, if the other wild growth, thorns vines, chestnut ball but what's a hit, and you do not ss protection or symbol, then die also disabled. So unless there is a hand protection breaks, do not mess with ss.
3, if the other using a small wasp, accused of direct cross-tab, or will be floating wiped out half of the blood, it is difficult to win this bnsgold.co Board, to stay in the Castle, there is hope, tab Do not stint . If the person using a daisy gun, tab recommend only the cat thump upon delivery, other times not and will not pay. . If you do not do not use the tab to q, because many times bnsgold.co the cat caught can not escape is death.
  Wednesday, August 10, 2016 at 3:23:16 AM

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