the distinction should be easy enough. 

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?? It seems that many golfers are confused as to whether objects on the course are loose impediments or movable obstructions. This is an important distinction to make , as there are a number of relevant Rules where players could incur penalties if they get it wrong.

In fact, in most cases, the distinction should be easy enough. Loose Impediments are natural objects and movable obstructions are anything artificial that can be moved without unreasonable effort. Here is a sample list of some of the items that may be encountered on the golf course during a round;

Loose Impediments (natural) Movable Obstruction (artificial)
Stones Bunker rakes
Leaves Other players golf clubs
Branches and twigs Stakes (except out of bounds)
Pine cones Signage and ropes
Dung and droppings Bottles and cans
Insects Score cards
Worms and their casts Pens and pencils
Spiders and their webs Paper, tissues
Half-eaten fruit Plastic bags
Fruit skins Packets and boxes
Ant hills Toys
Dead birds and animals Match sticks or cigarettes
Aeration plugs Abandoned balls
Clods of earth Loose stones from a wall
Gravel Wood manufactured into planks
Crushed shells Cables
Wood chips Doors or windows

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