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Romney downplays differences with running mate Mitt Romney refused to givespecifics on any light between him and his new running mate on plans to balancethe budget, instead calling the president's failure to reign in spending"radical and extreme."

During a press conference on the tarmac at Miami International Airport,Romney focused on areas where the two see eyetoeye, like repealing the Moncler president's health careoverhaul.

"We want to get America on track to a monclermens jackets sale balanced budget," Romney told reporters. "It's radicaland extreme to pass on trillions of dollars of debts to our children knowingthat we're never going to pay back these obligations that we've taken on."

When pressed by reporters, the presumptive GOP nominee acknowledgeddifferences with Paul Ryan's plan, before saying, "The items that we agree on, Ithink, outweigh any differences there may be."

"I moncler menscoats sale can't imagine any two people even in the same party who haveexactly the same positions on all issues," he continued.

One gray area revolves around Medicare, the massive government run healthcare system monclerwomen vest for seniors, which is forecast to become insolvent withoutreforms. Ryan calls for Medicare to remain asis for current retirees, but wouldprivatize the system for future retirees, providing them with a voucher to shoparound and purchase a plan on their own.

Romney said their plans are "very similar," but he would allow futureretirees the option of cheap monclermens vests whether to keep traditional Medicare or participate in thenew system.

"My plan, like his, really expands Medicare advantage," Romney said. "It sayslet's give people more opportunity to take advantage of not just the standardMedicare but also the policies that are available on the marketplace."

Medicare remains extremely popular among retirees, who tend to be skepticalabout attempts to change the program. Democrats have accused Ryan of trying todismantle the program, and have attempted to link Romney to Ryan's plan, apotential pitfall in a state like Florida where seniors make up a sizableportion of the electorate.

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