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Thecooking legumes for as little as 15 minutes or pressure-cooking them for 7.5minutes almost completely inactivates the lections they contain, leaving noresidual lection activity in properly cooked legumes. (16) Finally, if you wantto avoid lections you’d have to remove a lot more than legumes from your dietto avoid them. Lections are found in at least 53 fruits, vegetables, spices,including carrots, zucchini, melon, grapes, cherries, raspberries,blackberries, garlic and mushrooms. Lections are found in high concentrationsin GMO food, since lections are often spliced into modified varieties in orderto enhance “natural” pest and fungal resistance. (13) Translation: Avoid GMO’s.This is not an invitation to stop eating legumes and other foods! It’s just anillustration that almost every plant we eat Bioslim Daily Power Cleanse contains small amounts of toxins asthis is how plants defend themselves. These low levels of toxins don’t harm thevast majority, and in fact, may even provide health benefits. According to Dr.Stephan Guyenne, many of the compounds we call “antioxidants”—like polyphonesfound in blueberries, dark chocolate, etc. actually cause mild oxidative stressthat up regulate our body’s natural defense systems. (20) One reason somepeople may need to avoid legumes is that they contain, which are carbohydratesthat are poorly absorbed by some people. The acronym stands for FermentableOligosaccharides, Disaccharides, and Monosaccharide’s And Polios. Theseshort-chain carbohydrates are incompletely absorbed in the gastrointestinaltract and can be easily fermented by gut bacteria. These sugars increase fluidmovement into the large bowel.

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