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Thismeans that the food stays in the gut for long periods of time. Most herbivoremammals have higher fat concentrations than carnivores and they don't have thespeed compared to carnivores. Just observe the large bellies of the great apes,and ruminants (oxen, cattle, sheep, etc.), and you will see how obese they seemcompared to hunter-carnivores. Humans do not fall into the herbivore groupeither. Homo sapiens, of course, fall into to the omnivore class. Throughnatural selection we evolved the teeth of omnivores, good for grinding grain,stripping leaves, and eating meat. We have long intestines (somewhere betweencarnivore and herbivore intestinal tracts), and a digestive system that willbreak down Biogenic XR both acidic and alkaline based foods (protein, carbohydrates, andfat). Our closest relatives, the chimpanzees, also have an omnivore diet (notonly do they eat plants and fruits but they hunt and eat monkeys, for example).Humans beat all other omnivores by a large margin (omnivore comes from theLatin: Omni, or everything). People will eat anything including bacteria,fungus, plants, and animals. From the plants we will eat roots, bark, sap,leaves, berries, fruits, nuts, flowers, and seeds. We will eat any animal,including worms, insects, crustaceans, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, andmammals (and in some cases, people). We will eat their meat, fat, eyes, brain,organs (including testicles), bones and shells (for calcium), milk, and blood.Humans will even eat rotten food such as cheese and sour cream (due todecomposition from bacteria). Risen bread and alcohol drinks made byfermentation come about from the waste products of yeast. Japanese people eatnatty, a form of rotten fermented soybean. Rest knot comes from rotten mutton.Humans eat lots of rotten fish.

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