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Pro Blast XL Hereis what the research on libido among both sexes says: * The more a person hassex, the higher his chance to live a happy life and maintain a goodrelationship with a partner. Many people in developed countries have sex once aweek, and some are limited to a few sexual contacts a year. Both men and womenface sexual problems, the main of which is the lack of attraction. * A study of2500 pairs, in which the so-called “love hormones” were recorded in the brain,showed that affection was biologically programmed for a period of 18 to 30months. Perhaps this is due to the fact that under natural conditions duringthis period, people manage to meet, fall in love with each other and haveoffspring. When this mission is completed, from the point of view of evolutionthere is no more meaning in love. * The condom maker, the British companyDurex, conducted a curious survey. Men and women were asked if they wouldprefer sex or shopping without restrictions with someone else’s credit card.Half of the respondents chose free shopping. Of course, all this statistics. Inaddition, any research is conducted on a limited sample, but what happens afterall? Have men and women forgotten how to love? Part of the problem lies in thedifficulties of understanding between the sexes, especially in matters of sex.Representatives of different sexes look at life differently, so it is notsurprising that women and men look at sex differently. Here are a few typicaldifferences that prevent them from understanding each other better: * A womanloves with her ears, and a man loves with her eyes. * A man is fascinated byvisual images, for a woman the main thing is auditory and tactile sensations. *A woman usually knows when she is ready for a sexual relationship, for a manthis can be a surprise. The attitude of a woman depends on how she is caredfor. But sometimes it is even difficult for a man to guess what exactly hischosen one wants.

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