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DX Keto Consumechocolate preferably as a dessert for a main meal composed of fiber, whichcauses sugar to be absorbed more slowly by the body, avoiding the spikes ofhigh blood glucose levels. Such peaks are associated with increased appetite.The dieter can also use dark chocolate to make desserts like cakes, cupcakesand muffins healthier. To make them more tasty, the tip is to complete therecipes with fruits. However, do not forget to eat moderate portions of thesesweets so as not to exceed the daily consumption of 25 g of dark chocolate. Atsnack time it is allowed to drink zero sugar hot chocolate or mix a goodquality cocoa with hot chocolate. Give preference to the consumption of wholefoods, fruits and vegetables. The following foods are prohibited in the diet ofchocolate to lose weight: coffee, energy drinks, carbonated drinks, friedfoods, fat meats, foods high in sugar, foods high in sugar and goodies.Practice physical activity at least three times a week to stimulate fatburning. The menus above are just an example. Before setting yours, consult adietitian, who will know how to indicate the ideal menu for you. Each and everytype of food program should be followed with precautions. Therefore it isessential to check with the doctor and nutritionist before choosing a diet. Itis also important to have their follow-up to make sure that the method willdeliver the desired result in a healthy way, with menus that provide thenutrients and energy the body needs to function properly.

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