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South Beach DietWhy Sugar is #1 1 enemy of the body? well the answer is easy, as the body don'tneed it at all! your body can produce all the sugar it need from fruits whichis naturally and there for it can cope with it in the simplest way. Alternativelysugar from the shelf is lacking any vitamins and minerals,  it really isjust an empty calories, since we are so used to the white crystals ofthe sugar we forget it really is a processed rather than natural product whichthe body work very difficult to dissolve, simply for you to understand here isa quick fact - in order to produce 1 pound of sugar 59 pounds of sugar canes isneeded! lets say you put 2 teaspoons if sugar in your coffee - it's equal to118 teaspoons of sugar cane powder - Does this sound wrong for you? andpurchase just how cola have 8 spoons of sugar in it.

  Monday, August 20, 2018 at 12:00:41 AM

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