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personalpower and charisma are growing stronger each and every minute of every day yourinfluence is growing in leaps and bounds astonishing breakthroughs thatconvince you your thoughts are powerful your intent is clear your will mustbecome reality you act quickly and decisively to take advantage ofopportunities opportunities are the time to get what you want as you recognizeopportunities you become alert and focused while your subconscious shows youwhat you need to see tells you what you need to hear and creates the realitiesin your body that will lead directly towards your goals your inner mine islearning to communicate more clearly you think thoughts feel tingly flashpictures get hunches and every day it gets better every day you are gettingthere your inner mind now is committing to help the balance and positivethinking my voice command your mind and body obey and each day you awaken to anew set of possibility today's a new day free of the negative thoughts andbehaviors of the past all the positive and wonderful forms of the past remainlight and brilliant in your mind tonight and origins keto

  Saturday, June 22, 2019 at 6:13:16 AM

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