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Tier 2 Keto onI honestly had more fun with this than I probably have had in years and if thatdoesn't tell you the state of my current mental health I don't know what willto be honest are we twins my baby yeah you look just like that guy satisfyinghello friends this part is the part that I'm really excited about it is theVenus what is this perfect lifting premium maskk there's this app that actuallymakes your jaw I just don't even know where I'm going with that I rolled itonto my face and a rolling motion then I was trying to do the eyebrows so herethey're really big fans of more straight eyebrows so I attempted to use thestencil to make mine more of a straight line instead of a wavy line you knowlike make the walnuts 

Tier 2 Keto lookI saw at the store they didn't really want me filming in there but alas I gotthe sneaky detective photo of like the look I was going for thank God there isa winged eyeliner because you guys know I it did it end up working out in theend I really like this soft baby princessy cutie pie look then it was time tocontour I know having a slim jaw is popular here so that's what I was trying toachieve with this contour also I notice that their contour is not like warmcolored it's very cool and crispy it's like a bluish tone so after I was done Iended up looking like this okay now I'm gonna pull up this app called me to putit up on the screen I've seen another famous I think it's dope - one one one Ithink use this app and she's the one that I learned it from so you kit youclick beautify and then you click show and I will show you how this app thinksthat I'm pretty what it did was make my lips made my eyes bigger my jaw smallerand there's this button called cutie which is like this is me normal and thisis me and maximum cuteness so there's also other filters that make you reallycute like this one this one mmm let's see this one so here the

  Tuesday, October 22, 2019 at 7:39:17 AM

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