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dxn codestrike it'sworking the wrong part of your body next one is curls keep your elbows to theside let's grow up and down don't don't tuck your elbows in the elbows backbecause you're not going to get a range of motion it's gonna look like thisokay another thing on curls is making sure if you look at my wrist make sureyour wrist is not curled in like this okay because I was using too much formskeep your wrist straight or even slightly back a little bit okay so this way ittakes the pressure off your forms right into your biceps next one is a closedsquare push-ups number one making sure your elbows are flared 45 degrees backand not to the sides so you want to make sure you to grip while your handplacement the the closer your hands are to each other the more triceps you workbut also the more pressure on your elbows right so if I was going to do if L isgoing to do you know let's say six inches which is usually where I go at itdefinitely works your triceps but it doesn't ply us much pressure on yourelbows the moment you go all

  Sunday, October 27, 2019 at 6:01:25 AM

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