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groundand you're not not arching your back up off of the mat so you want to keep yourtailbone elongating and in extending in the direction up towards your knees sothat your lower back and your sacrum waking up all of this energy in our lowerabdomen draw your knees back into your chest take it deep big deep breath in andthen exhale to relax relax through your whole body neck shoulders belly hipslegs feet and once again extend your knees up over your hips this time let'spoint your toes up towards the ceiling and take your hands behind your thighsso you'll reach around onto your hamstrings here you press your thighs awayfrom your chest so your arms are nice meeting the resistance between your armsand your legs draw into your navel and then draw your navel your belly buttondown towards the ground so you feel the base of your pelvis and your tailbonelifting up again in the direction of your knees and then r virilaxyn rx elax your tailboneback down towards the ground you can place your hands now beside your hipspalms facing down so that you have your upper arms and your elbows to supportyour body as you continue about action drawing your navel down towards theground so that you elevate

  Tuesday, July 9, 2019 at 6:01:53 AM

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