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atanother stretching video mine to stretch out the buttock body right now andrelease the tension and things like that and increase your flexibility too soagain thank you so much I hope that you enjoyed this video I hope it washelpful to you if you want to see more of these videos please subscribe topsyche truth favor this video if you want more advanced videos go to my channelit's underneath this video to take you to my channel and things like that againthank you thank you thank you so much I wish you all the best be consistent andkick some butt namaste yoga and weight loss today we are targeting your bellyfat so you're going to get into your core strength and abdominal power it'sgonna help you lose the weight you want to lose and feel really great whiledoing it so you're going to start in a seated position just like I am pleasejoin me on your mat and be sure and favorite this video look out for numberstwo and three so you can keep practicing with me so we're starting in a seatedcomfortable position and if this is not a comfortable position for you take ablanket or a pillow and sit up so you make your own yoga chair want to feelyour hips ground it into the mat or into your cushion you're just going to getrid of it because I don't really need it I just want to just show you in caseyou do so with your  super cut keto hands comfortably placed on your knees let's draw yourshoulders up to your ears and just engage

  Saturday, July 6, 2019 at 8:31:04 AM

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