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gmail.comthat's his gmail now the reason why I showed this is because this is also good othervideo that I'll give you the video about on keeping that pumpin long thatvagina long keep that so you got it is more get to the men but for the womenhave that arm vagina dryness alright you could take basically like you knowthem kegel exercise for men and women it's like it's forcing your penis toconstantly contract because as it dries it polls so it circulates the blood andif you take it internally of course you know I already said anything thatgiving proper circulation give you an erection but about blood alone you havethe erection um more so on off on off your penis will grow in size so againthis is good ladies you put this on t nerotenze he pad alright just like if you have aperiod and you put it there you could use this two to three times of the weekyou could put it on every night when you go to bed wake up wash it off thechoice is yours put it on a pad put it on a vagina it will tighten up thevagina trust me lemon I know what I'm talking about with this one right here mywife can tell you not only that I could tell you when putting it on men usingthis for the penis okay and of course if you take the powder won

  Thursday, July 4, 2019 at 6:09:47 AM

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