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Eros PrimeKeto  it is a spectacularly effectivemechanism to prevent you from dying. The body is an incredible machine that hasan ability to adapt to adverse adversities. When there really is a stage of shortageof nutrients, the body reacts by activating certain metabolic adaptations totry to reduce that energy gap in which it is. That is, try to make the bodyspend as little as possible to try to balance the calories that enter withthose that are spent and return to homeostasis or balance. And it accomplishesit in several very effective ways: Muscle loss Decreased leptin Increase inghrelin Increased insulin sensitivity in adipose cells Lower metabolic rateDecrease in NEAT or caloric expenditure not related to exercise. Decreasedexpression of genes that are responsible for fat loss. Increased expression ofgenes that are responsible for lipogenesis. Decrease in testosterone Decreasedthermogenesis Increase in cortisol Decreased activity of the thyroid glandIncreased efficiency in mitochondria etc…..
  Friday, May 31, 2019 at 11:51:56 PM

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