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I had a reminder recently of the stigma facing those dealing with trauma related to childhood abuse.  I have encountered this before of course, perhaps vicariously, during my 20 plus years in the trauma treatment trenches.  As a psychologist specializing in treating trauma I am well aware that many people do not want to be reminded of the less than pleasant aspects of life.  Even mentioning what I do for a living can get me interesting responses, or sometimes just shut down the conversation altogether.

Someone unfollowed me on Twitter, and wrote to inform me,  because I was not a "positive psychologist". This took family secrets book me aback  and I tried to understand what led to that impression.  I looked through my most recent Twitter postings to try to see what they saw.  I had been posting, as I always do, about the impact of trauma and had recently written an article about how childhood experiences are linked to adult problems: Childhood Wounds: Understanding Yourself in Context.
  Wednesday, December 1, 2021 at 3:02:30 PM
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In early Chinese history, the cult of widow chastity took root and grew strong. The educated class favored it. If a woman was childless, she was considered a danger to her family, and many young women refused to marry if their fiance was still alive. They would move into their fiance's family home. Confucian scholars and government officials opposed chaste fiancees, but the chinese women were generally praised.
  Saturday, April 30, 2022 at 4:06:05 PM

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