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Mix it up. There are basically two Testogen Review  types of exercises. Compound exercises and isolation exercises. Compound exercises are designed to get many muscle groups working together at the same time, a good example of this type of exercise is the military press. Isolation exercises are designed to work a very specific muscle group. A prime example of this would be the bicep curl. They both accomplish different tasks, to have a well proportioned muscular body you are going to have to do both.

Eat. I know you are already eating, but now that you are building more muscle your body is going to need more fuel and that fuels name is calories. I have mentioned it before, but for each pound of muscle you gain you are going to need an extra 3500 calories a week. Don't worry it is not as hard as it sounds, it basically breaks down to an extra 500 calories a day.Protein. Of all the things our body needs protein is one of the most important. When our muscles get bigger, they 'rip' a little bit for lack of a better word and our body uses protein to repair the muscle, filling in those rips with protein.

Rest. While we are resting, especially when we are fast asleep our bodies are actually doing something quite miraculous, they are repairing themselves. To not allot enough rest to ensure that this can happen will lead you down a path of failure. This is also the reason that we do not work out everyday. Remember that recruit we were talking about, he needs some downtime too.Limit your workout. Believe it or not when it comes to the duration of your workout more is not necessarily better. Limit your work out to 45 minutes max and you will achieve a far better result. Again remember your primary goal is not to see how long you can work, but to build muscle.

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