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Apart from the fact that sweet potatoes are  Platinum Soursop Review commonly available in autumn and taste great, they are also a storehouse of health benefits. These mouth watering delights have high amounts of Vitamin C and beta-carotene (vitamin A), so you can very easily ward off cold and other infections. Sweet potatoes are an excellent food choice for diabetics, as they are low glycemic food. The high amount of dietary fiber present in sweet potato relieves constipation and promotes a healthy digestive tract. For better flavor, eat these hot. It is one of the most ancient known spices, and a perfect choice for autumn. Cinnamon is usually used in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines for treating cold, cough, flatulence, nausea, diabetes, diarrhea and numerous other physical illnesses. It can soothe your senses and keep your body warm and comfortable in the autumn. Cinnamon is also believed to improve energy and vitality, and is especially useful for people who have warm upper bodies but cold feet. You can sprinkle cinnamon powder over side-dishes and salads, drink it with tea or mix it with juices.

One more group of herbs, which are good for your taste buds as well as your health, are various forms of pepper. Including pepper to your food can help you in many ways - it reduces flatulence, improves digestion, deals with gastrointestinal disorders, kills viruses and bacteria, clears chest congestion, treats cough and cold, and so on. It's also a rich source of antioxidants. Whichever form of pepper you prefer - cayenne, black or white, they're all a great and healthy addition to your recipes specially during autumn. Amino acids are critically important for life to exist and they have an important role in function such as the metabolism of an organism. They are the building blocks of proteins and form parts of coenzymes and aid in the biosynthesis of nutrients the body needs. All in all amino-acids are very important in nutrition and have a central part to play in food technology. This article will explain why amino-acids are so important and give you important knowledge you can use to eat healthy. One of the most essential things for a healthy body is protein, after water it is the most abundant stuff that the body is made out of. Protein is required for the operation of enzymes, organs and muscles in the body. If you don't have enough protein then the chance that you will get some kind of disease increases quickly. A lack of amino-acids can cause heart-attacks, strokes and high blood pressure amongst other things.

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