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Reframe effort (does it have to be work?). If you  ?Becoming Limitless Review??? always think about your work being hard, guess what it will be? (Here`s a hint - it will be hard.) But does work have to be hard? Could it be enjoyable? Could it be rewarding? Once you create a new frame of reference for effort, you make climbing the steps to your success so much easier.Collaborative effort (why not climb together?). Find others to travel with you. When most people feel like a part of something larger than themselves - whether through a teammate or a friend - they will be more disciplined and more effective. Who do you know that could mentor you or work with you or support you? Or, who can you mentor, help or support?Enthusiastic effort (enjoy the trip). Choose to enjoy the trip up the stairs. The fact is the elevator is broken; the walk is real and necessary. Why not choose to find the positive and enjoy the experience? You know that when you are enjoying a situation it goes faster and easier - and you are probably more productive as well. You know this is true. Make the choice to be more enthusiastic and positive.Yes, effort is definitely still required, but these are things you can do to make that effort more effective and enjoyable.Potential Pointer: Success in any area of life requires effort - there is no free lunch. But how you view and tackle that effort will make all the difference in the speed and ease with which you climb your path to the top.Mentoring has been around for centuries and centuries originating from Greek mythology and since this time it has been well established in history.A sounding board is a good way to look at this powerful technique, where your mentor would give you the guidance and support you need in order to experience success and growth in your business and personal life.

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