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The key is for each of us Blood Sugar Stabilizer  to take responsibility for what we can control. Taking control of the foods we eat, and our food supply means we start with ourselves. We learn what is going to bring health to us and what is not. We take the time to learn what is going to bring health to our children, and what is not. We learn to cook, and if possible we learn to grow, at least some of our own food, and what will be the most nutritious way to prepare it. We learn about proportions, and how much we actually need to take in. We rely on others for guidance, but ultimately, we rely on learning what is actually working in our bodies and learning to eat accordingly. An athlete is going to need a different nutritional profile than someone who lives a more sedentary life. Finding out what works for you and for your family is hard work, but it is rewarding when you finally hit what works, and get to watch you body, and the bodies of those you love begin to heal.

Sometimes a little knowledge can come with consequences. Many of us use baking soda to relieve our heartburn, knowing that the sodium bicarbonate neutralizes stomach acid. But as we shall soon learn it's much more complicated than that and relying on baking soda for heartburn can have serious consequences.In most cases heartburn is the result of a combination of stomach acid and food burning the esophagus. When acid goes back up, this is called acid reflux and this reflux causes discomfort in the chest which can reach up to the throat. The valve, which is located between the esophagus and the stomach, doesn't seal itself properly which results in heartburn. The constant interaction with stomach acid and eating foods that irritate the valve is usually the reason why it has trouble closing.

To avoid occasional heartburn, the best solution is to change eating habits and to avoid foods that affect the esophageal valve and cause it to soften which allows food and acid to back up. But, for a short-term relief, we take antacids, to neutralize stomach acid that is in the esophagus, and a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in a glass of water usually bring almost instant relief. Heartburn is eliminated because bicarbonate sodium and hydrochloric acid found in the esophagus mix and makes water and carbon dioxide that stops the heartburn.But in a strange twist, the esophageal valve needs to be softened so we can burp out the carbon dioxide. This softening of the valve and the burping may trigger acid back into the esophagus thereby causing heartburn again.

The more long-term and more serious effects of taking baking soda happens when we get used to that instant relief and start taking baking soda daily for frequent heartburn, instead of eliminating foods that create the problem.The whole body becomes more alkaline as a result of the increased amount sodium bicarbonate from the baking soda. This can lead to high blood pressure and fluid retention, as well as increase the risk of developing kidney stones. Calcium carbonate, the ingredient found in antacids, can do the exact same thing.Only a doctor can tell you the frequency and quantity of baking soda that should be ingested to fight heartburn. He can monitor your general health and make sure that you are not doing more damage than use with too frequent use of this old-fashioned remedy.

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