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But you say, "You don't Provitazol Review know my schedule." Yes I do. I'm just like you. But life is built of many little moments. The little moments are where you start. You can start by simply saying, "I love You, Jesus."What would happen if you went through your day, repeating, "Jesus loves me" and did this over a period of a week? Your heart would change. The first step of intimacy would take place: speaking, sharing.You could quote scriptures or tell Him, "I love You." These moments will add up, and your whole life will be consumed with thoughts of Him.This is what I mean by being simple: If you struggle with a certain area in your life and need to know God's thoughts on the matter, find a scripture befitting the need and do the same exercise. You see, not only does God want to have long times of communion with us, but He wants to spill over throughout our day. Before you know it, your desires change, and you find yourself continually in a place of communion - going to Him first, longing for Him, and needing Him in a way that moments are not enough.When you long to experience deeper times with Him, put on an instrumental CD while relaxing, even while driving or working. Wow! Now you have expedited things to the next level. Intimacy isn't always about being verbal. Deep relationship with God can be built by sitting quietly with Him, reflecting on His goodness and love.When thinking about Him isn't enough, speak to Him in a conversational tone. After all, Jesus walked as a man and built relationships in the same way we do today. If you spend time in the Word, He will begin to speak those thoughts back to your heart, giving you guidance and encouragement. The more you read and know, the more there is for you to hear in your time with Him."Hearing?" you say. Yes, this is the second part of intimacy: listening and hearing. When He speaks back to your heart, to a specific need or just to say, "I love you no matter what" ... wow! It would be good to have a notebook in which to write down the words and thoughts He impresses on you. Take my word for it; they will come in handy during dry times. He tells us to put Him in remembrance of His word, and that includes what He speaks to our hearts.Remember, He desires to hear about every thought, desire and dream. In the Bible, David told God he was angry. Did God know David was angry? Of course. Yet He wanted David to tell Him. This enabled David to hear God's heart and release his anger to someone who understood without taking it out on others. He chose to remember the faithfulness of God in His life and act upon it.

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