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That was the case for The Manifestation Millionaire Mark Evans, who has made two significant career changes in the past 15 years. He started his working life as an eighth-grade social-studies teacher in upstate Bergen, New York, a job in which he "didn't have a happy day in two years." Desperate to find a career better suited to his skills, he completed a free series of skills and personality assessment tests at a local community college and, according to the results, found that he would make a great librarian. Mr. Evans enrolled in a one-year master's degree program in the field, which was followed by two and a half years as a library director in a nearby town. Mr. Evans thrived in his new career, so much so that he was soon tapped to become director of the public library system for two neighboring counties. Throughout the 13 years that followed, he excelled in the public relations aspects of his job, devising unique PR campaigns and developing new customer services and revenue sources. He loved staffing a booth at state library conventions, and finding new products to sell as fundraisers. Yet a lack of revenues to maintain his system proved too much for Mr. Evans to endure. "We were swimming upstream against declining funding from the state, which made my job impossible," he says. When his office was eventually merged with another 50 miles away, "I decided that I didn't want to move or commute that far each day, so I gave notice." Mr. Evans considered joining another library system, but limited funding statewide made it clear that he'd "have to do the work of three people just to earn one salary."

Not sure of which direction to head next, Mr. Evans had a conversation with a good friend in Houston that opened his eyes to a new career direction. "My friend had recently bought an advertising-specialty company, and he asked if I'd like to be his New York state sales representative. I realized that it would involve all the aspects of my former job that I really enjoyed, so I agreed." Mr. Evans spent a year establishing a local office and learning how to manage a promotional products business. But when sales volume wasn't enough to justify his full-time position, he jumped at the chance to become regional sales manager of ad specialties for a local printing and publishing company. "This career was a natural transition for me, because I was able to build on my strong points, such as customer relations and putting out brushfires," Mr. Evans says. "It was also important to me that I wasn't becoming just an order-taker, but someone who matches products to client needs. I also enjoy the creative end of devising slogans and ad campaign ideas." Mr. Evans admits that he couldn't have accomplished such major career changes -- either financially or emotionally -- without the help of his wife, who provided moral support and a steady income as a librarian herself. "It was great to have her salary to count on while I was experimenting," he says. In retrospect, Mr. Evans says the vocational tests and counseling he'd received 18 years ago were important to his successful transitions. "I remember the counselor saying that I should find a career where I could work closely with others, and that stuck with me."

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