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Patients who have fungus  Brilliance SF Skincare Review   infections on the toe nail will be harder to treat because there are no effective medications that can be applied to the surface of the nail. Fungus infection on the nails can be treated with oral medication, grisofulvin. Grisofulvin will help to clear up the fungus infection on the finger nails within three months but it may take up to 2 years for an infected toe nails and it is susceptible to reappearance. Unless the fungus infections on the toe nail is excruciating, there is no need for any other treatment. Skin that is infected with fungus usually has a thickening, and white or yellow discoloration or crumbling away of the nail. If you did not seek appropriate medical treatment for a chronic infected toenail, you should keep the toes dry to prevent the fungus from spreading to the surrounding skin.

Most of the fungal infections stemmed from parasitic fungi called dermatophytes which commonly attack the skin, hair, and nails. Dermatophytes can be divided into three groups which are Trichophyton, Microsporum, and Epidermophyton. Trichophyton affect the skin, hair. Microsporum is responsible for causing ring worm in children. Epidermophyton affect the outer layer of the skin and causes tinea. These fungal infections most commonly occurred in teenagers during the puberty period except Tinea capitis which affect the scalp hair in children.

Dermatophytes produce ringworm, a type of fungi that grows on the dead keratin on the skin. Fungus has been developed to live on animals and human being. The growth of fungus on our skin will result in redness and inflammation of skin when our immune system responds to these foreign invasions by attacking them. Malassezia furfur, or Pityrisporum ovalae grow on oily skin such as the face and head scalp. It is responsible for causing the dandruff on the head scalp and rashes on the body.

Fungus grows on the skin when it is warm and moist. To prevent fungal infection, always keep your skin dry after you touch water. You should not walk barefoot when the floor is wet, instead wear slippers. Do not borrow napkins, towels, combs, and hair brushes from someone else because these people might have fungal skin infection and you don't want it to pass around to you. Any item that comes into contact with fungus must be sterilized with boiling water if you want to use it. Nylon socks makes your feet sweat but cotton socks help to absorb the sweat. Finally, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle with a nutritious diet, exercise regularly to build up your body resistance. If you have a weak immune system, you are easier to be infected with fungus.

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