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Additionally,  ArcticBlast  central sensitization amplifies DS. Noxious stimuli and/or misinterpretation of non-noxious stimuli (secondary hyperalgesia and allodynia) can induce chronic pain. Injury induced functional and adaptive changes include ineffective synapses unmasking, receptive field shifts and reorganization or altered effectiveness of surviving neural networks at the brain cortex level as well at peripheral nerves and receptors.

With DTPS we have originated an algorithm with consistent pain/discomfort relief and reproducible results without concurrent use of multiple medications or other therapies. Presence of DS in CRMP requires that treatments be safe and effective for regular life-long use on the entire body. We studied our case with statistical process control (SPC). Studying one case in detail sequentially over time can produce statistical results superior to that of a RCT. In these circumstances SPC has greater statistical power to exclude chance as an explanation.

I, Crawford Hill, had a spinal surgery two years ago in July 2013. The hypothesis was that my inability to walk uphill effectively was severely compromised by a herniated disc at L4-L5. I had had several injuries and trauma which probably contributed to the problem, whether it was a herniated disc or some other cause of compromising function- especially walking uphill. One of these was an expedition trip to Ecuador during which I was on a boat which slammed up and down for four hours. I had to tighten my buttock intensely and hold on for the entire boat-ride. The next day I was on a horse which trotted causing me more bouncing effects on my spine for four hours. This was an extreme challenge as I had to tighten my buttock again to endure the bouncing up-and down. These two back to back incidents followed about five months after I fell from a rock climb gym wall. After that fall, I laid on the padded mat for several minutes thinking I had severely hurt myself. However I was able to get up and I seemed to be okay. I thought that these injuries did not apparently compromise my function. However on hindsight it probably did - especially in conjunction with the traumatic incidents in Ecuador which I mentioned. Going further back in time about 10 years ago I attempted to water ski and ended up in a very compromised position and felt some tremendous strain on my hamstrings. I let go of the rope and thought that I had damaged my hamstrings severely. However again I was able to function and forgot about the injury.


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