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First off guys, all of us have six Testogen Review packs. Even if you can't see yours at the moment, by the end of this article you will have the basic knowledge of how to get a six pack the right way. All you need to achieve a six pack is to have the right knowledge, and a proven workout routine with a solid diet plan. Read on for these three rules I have laid out for you on how to get a six pack!In order to see that six pack, you need to eliminate that layer of fat covering them. By raising your metabolism, your body will have no choice but to burn off more fat! In order to do this, instead of eating three large meals and snacking throughout the day, aim for six smaller meals. This will assist in burning calories much quicker, and will also stop you from snacking as you won't feel the need to!People looking for how to get a six pack always think it's about doing lots of crunches and sit ups. Well I've got news for you, that's not how to get a six pack quick! These exercises are just too small and won't burn enough belly fat efficiently enough. If you want your belly fat to evaporate a thousand times quicker, then focus on compound exercises, such as front squats and pull ups. These are high intense exercises that will burn lots of fat from all over your body!No more boring treadmill jogging for hours! This cardio is useless, and may even lower your metabolism, not what you want at all! Short, sharp bursts of cardio, about half hour sessions, is what is essential for people looking for how to get a six pack. Swimming or sprints a few times a week will help raise your metabolism further, as well as assisting in digesting food faster.A lot of guys (and gals) are often frustrated when it comes to learning how to gain weight fast. They eat right, they have incredibly high intensity when it comes to their workouts, but they just can't seem to make any muscle gains. This holds even more true for those skinny types; sure you don't worry to much about fat but you're not putting on the muscle size that you were hoping for. So what's going on?Well there's really two things that can help you bust through your plateaus and start you down the road of muscle success. The first is really the easiest: stop working out. If you've been going at it hard in the gym for a time now and you're not seeing any more progression then take a break. By taking a week off of exercise, you give your entire body time to recuperate fully. Your muscles grow stronger since they have no damage to repair, your central nervous system operates at capacity since you're not forcing it to learn how to gain weight fast with really heavy lifts, and overall, everything can just take a break. For a few days after you start lifting again your body will seem a bit weaker because it has to get back into the groove, but once it's back, you'll be lifting heavier than you were before.

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