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There are also supplementsĀ Blood Balance Formula Review available that are all natural and safe that can help to lower cholesterol levels substantially. Do not be fooled into believe drug companies and doctors that will tell you medications are your only option. Go with natural options and avoid taking high cholesterol medications that may leave you with dangerous side effects.Natural remedies for high cholesterol provide an excellent alternative to prescription drugs, such as zocor, Lipitor, or lipostat. Mother nature can do a great job at lowering cholesterol. Prescription medications are known to help, but they also bring along side effects, such as fatigue, insomnia, and stomach problems. It is time to learn about all natural methods of lowering cholesterol that can save your life.

Wondering why you should choose natural remedies in the first place? Consider the drugs available for treating cholesterol today. They are made up of chemicals and can bring on side effects that are less than pleasant. However, when natural options are used, they are gentler on the body, there is less of a chance of side effects, and many are far more effective than medications in the first place. Which option would you rather put into your body?

Niacin, often known as Vitamin B 3, is one of the natural remedies for high cholesterol that has been proven to provide results. According to studies, it can help to lower bad cholesterol by 25% in some cases. It also works to significantly increase good cholesterol, which can further reduce bad cholesterol.If you choose this natural remedy, it is a good idea to take it in fairly small doses. Taking too much can lead to negative side effects. Usually Niacin works best in a supplement that uses it with other natural ingredients to help lower high cholesterol, so look for products that include it.

You may not have heard about Policosanol, but it is all natural and comes from sugar cane, taken from the layer that is waxy. The way it works is by helping to block cholesterol synthesis. It can help to increase good cholesterol and can lower bad cholesterol by a whopping 31%. It is a powerful natural option and most people tolerate it well. When purchasing supplements for lowering cholesterol, this is a top ingredient to look for.Plant sterols can be used as excellent natural remedies for high cholesterol as well. These sterols can decrease your bad cholesterol significantly and it is usually recommended that they are used at least twice each day. Many companies put them in foods, but they can be included in some supplements as well.

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